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A collection of 22 amazing rice noodle recipes encompass this fun, healthy and tasty recipe round-up! Everything from vegan ramen to pho to noodle soup, salads, pad thai and even spring rolls can be found in this collection of recipes using various types of rice noodles — ramen, vermicelli, thin, thick, brown and white rice noodles, and more! All recipes are gluten-free (and vegan!).

22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (1)

Rice noodles are truly one versatile ingredient to have on hand! They are quite neutral in flavor, and pick up the flavors of ingredients in any dish quite superbly. Rice noodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are super budget-friendly, too! Regardless of your dietary preferences, you are certain to find something taste-bud pleasing in this collection of easy, healthy and delicious Rice Noodle Recipes!

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Types of Rice Noodles

Rice Noodle Accompaniments

22 Rice Noodle Recipes

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Types of Rice Noodles

These are some of my favorite fun and versatile rice noodles, perfect for the dishes in this recipe round-up:

Common flat stir-fry white rice noodles.

Flat rice noodles made with brown rice.

White rice “thread” vermicelli noodles.

Brown rice ramen noodles.

Black forbidden rice pad thai noodles.

Red rice pad thai noodles.

Green jade rice ramen noodles.

Extra wide rice noodles.

Brown rice “thread” vermicelli noodles.

22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (2)

Rice Noodle Accompaniments

Here are some simple ingredients that pair well with rice noodles!

  • Soy sauce.
  • Garlic.
  • Bell peppers.
  • Sesame oil.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Tahini.
  • Green onions.
  • Honey or maple syrup.
  • Broccoli.
  • Curry powder.

22 Rice Noodle Recipes

Easy, Flavorful 15-Minute Vegan Peanut Noodles – Delightful Adventures

Vegan peanut noodles that come together in just 15-minutes! This recipe is the ideal, quick and easy meal for busy weeknights.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (3)

Vegan Yellow Curry Noodle Bowls – Occasionally Eggs

This simple vegan yellow curry with noodles and coconut milk is made with pantry staples like ginger and turmeric, leaving out any hard to find ingredients.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (4)

Instant Pot Sticky Maple Ginger Rice Noodles (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Super easy, tasty and healthy Instant Pot Sticky Maple Ginger Rice Noodles. This pressure cooker dish can be ready to enjoy in only about 10 minutes! This delicious noodle recipe is gluten-free, vegan and positively bursting with flavor.

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Sesame Peanut Noodles (Gluten-Free, Vegan) – Calm Eats

Sesame Peanut Noodles, make for a perfect quick lunch or can be spruced up with tofu and vegetables for an easy and delicious dinner.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (6)

Spring Green Vegetable Coconut Rice Noodles – Occasionally Eggs

Vegan & GF coconut rice noodles packed with spring green vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and zucchini only need about 15 minutes to cook.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (7)

Maple Ginger Tofu

This Sticky Maple Ginger Tofu Rice Noodle Bowl with Steamed Broccoli makes for one comforting and nutritious gluten-free vegan meal! #tofu #gingertofu #bakedtofu #mapletofu

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Easy Vegan Ramen Noodles – Midwest Foodie

20 minutes is all it takes to get this healthy, vegan dinner on the table! Loaded with fresh veggies and rich curry flavors, you’ll feel good about serving this meal to your family!

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (9)

Vegan Noodle Soup

A SUPER quick, easy and tasty Vegan Noodle Soup recipe. This delight takes only about 10 minutes to throw together, but tastes like it took a few hours! Vegan and gluten-free.

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15 Minute Vegan Thai Green Curry Soup with Vermicelli – Salt and Lavender

This vegan Thai Green curry soup is a healthy, hearty, and super quick meal that’s made from scratch in only 15 minutes! Coconut milk makes it extra creamy.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (11)

Peanut Free Pad Thai

This peanut free pad thai with pumpkin seed butter is rich, flavorful, gluten free, vegan and ready for the dinner table in just 20 minutes!

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Easy Vegan Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) – Happy Kitchen

Vegan Phở is an easier and healthier version of the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. This nourishing and flavorful gluten-free and fat-free vegan pho is perfect for any season!

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (13)

Noodle Bowl – Easy, Vegan, Gluten Free – Fantabulosity

Noodle Bowl -An easy, healthy weeknight meal that can be made vegan and gluten-free, and is a veggie bowl that even non-vegetarians will love!

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (14)

Butternut Squash Coconut Curry Rice Noodle Soup

An incredibly flavorful, healthy, filling, and comforting Butternut Squash Coconut Curry Rice Noodle Soup! This gluten-free and vegan comfort food dish is big on coconut, curry, and ginger flavors all with a bit of spice. Perfectly tender rice noodles are the perfect accompaniment for this scrumptio…

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Rice Noodle Salad (Vegan + GF) – Rhian’s Recipes

ThisRice Noodle Salad is so easy to make, super healthy and full of flavour! Includes a recipe for the most delicious salty-sweet, tangy dressing.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (16)

Rice Noodles and Rainbow Veggie Stir Fry – Profusion Curry

Stir Fry Rice Noodles with rainbow veggie is colorful, easy and quick dinner recipe. It’s delicious, healthy, gluten free and vegan and 20 minute dinner

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (17)

Easy Vegan Laksa – Malaysian Soup – Veggie Desserts

This easy vegan laksa only takes minutes to prepare, and it’s bursting with flavour from the coconut milk, chilli and turmeric.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (18)

Bangkok Curry Noodles – i Heart Vegetables

These Bangkok curry noodles are made with a spicy yet creamy coconut milk sauce and plenty of veggies! This recipe is vegan and gluten-free!

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (19)

Vegan Butternut Pasta Sauce (with rice noodles) 15 minute gluten-free dinner – Kind Earth

A recipe for superfast a Vegan Butternut Pasta Sauce dinner that you can make in 15 minutes. Ideal with rice noodles. Surprisingly delicious.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (20)

Thai Red Curry Coconut Soup with Rice Noodles (Vegan) – Frugal Nutrition

Recipe: $5.45 | Per Serving: $1.36 | Yield: 4 This Thai Red Curry Coconut Soup is a super easy flavor-packed meal that’s sure to become a weeknight dinner staple in your house! This might be

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (21)

Vegan Rice Noodle Bowl – Hey Nutrition Lady

This cool and refreshing Vegan Rice Noodle Bowl is packed with Asian flavours. It’s totally gluten-free, and has a zippy peanut sauce to complement.

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (22)

Spicy Vegan Rice Noodles – Mrishtanna

Rice Noodles is a standard recipe in most Asian restaurants, but most of them have fish sauce and or meat. So, I am sharing an easy to prepare Spicy Vegan Rice Noodle recipe with no

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (23)

Vegan Asian Noodle Bowl Recipe – Happy Healthy Mama

This Vegan Asian Noodle Bowl is super easy to make in about 20 minutes! It makes an awesome easy and healthy dinner or meal prep lunch!

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22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (24)

I greatly hope you enjoyed this collection of Rice Noodle Recipes. I would SO appreciate you sharing on social media! Thank you! xo.

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Kristen Wood

Hello! I'm a mama, food writer, photographer, recipe developer, and cookbook author with functional nutrition certification. I enjoy sharing both wildly creative and ridiculously practical gluten-free vegetarian recipes that are approachable for all. Welcome!

22 Amazing Rice Noodle Recipes (2024)


What is the secret to cooking rice noodles? ›

How Do You Cook Rice Noodles? Rice noodles are very easy for home cooks to make — simply soak them in warm water (not cold water, not hot water) for 10-15 minutes, or until they are soft. Unlike wheat pasta, you don't need to boil rice noodles; the warm water is enough to cook them through.

Are rice noodles healthy? ›

Rice noodles are perfectly healthy and make a great addition to your diet. Still, they're lower in fiber than other noodles, such as whole wheat noodles or spaghetti squash noodles. Studies suggest that eating more fiber supports beneficial gut bacteria, good digestion, and blood sugar management ( 21 , 22 , 23 ).

What to eat rice noodles with? ›

5 ways to eat rice noodles
  • 5 ways to eat rice noodles, versatile, easy to cook with and delicious. ...
  • Put rice noodles in soup. ...
  • Stir fry, saucy noodles. ...
  • Spring rolls- the hidden rice noodle. ...
  • Use rice noodles in salads. ...
  • Sneaky sweet rice noodle treat.

How long do rice noodles last in the fridge? ›

Refrigerating and Reheating

For short-term storage, rice noodles can be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days in an airtight container. To maintain their best texture: If plain, rinse them with cold water and lightly toss with oil to prevent sticking. If sauced, store as is, ensuring the container is sealed well.

What happens if you don't soak rice noodles? ›

Do I need to soak my rice noodles before stir frying? You will need to soften dried noodles before stir frying by soaking them in boiling water. Fresh rice noodles, available at Asian grocery stores, do not need to be soaked before adding to your stir fry, as they will cook during frying.

Is it better to boil or soak rice noodles? ›

All dried noodles simply need to be soaked until fully rehydrated before being stir fried or blanched for noodle soups. The reason we want to soak rather than boil is because rice noodles overcook very easily.

What is healthier, rice noodles or egg noodles? ›

Unlike egg noodles, rice noodles are gluten-free and vegan. That's because they contain no wheat or animal products. They can be made using red, white, or brown rice. Rice noodles are lower in calories, fat, and protein than egg noodles.

Are rice noodles anti-inflammatory? ›

First, there is manganese, a mineral your metabolism needs to help regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Rice noodles are also rich in selenium, an antioxidant that helps to protect your body from the risk of cancer, heart disease and many other serious illnesses.

Do rice noodles spike blood sugar? ›

Rice noodles, made from refined rice flour, have a high glycemic index. On average, a 1-cup serving of cooked rice noodles contains approximately 40-45 grams of carbohydrates. This means they are rapidly digested and can cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels.

Are rice noodles good for your stomach? ›

Rice noodles have a high glycemic index, making them easy to digest. In addition, unlike regular noodles, rice noodles are gluten-free, making them perfect for patients suffering from gluten intolerance or allergies and for celiac patients.

What kind of noodles are in pho? ›

Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is a Vietnamese noodle soup that's made with broth, rice noodles, meat, and fresh garnishes.

Is it OK to eat leftover rice noodles? ›

Be cautious after six hours at room temperature

But whether you get sick or not will always depend on which variant of the bacterium is present, what your health condition is, and what type of food is involved. And if you consume just a few grains of rice loaded with bacteria, it is not enough to make you ill.

How to make perfect rice noodles? ›

Flat Rice Noodles (Pad Thai Noodles)

Prepare a bowl filled with room temperature water. Add the pad thai noodles to the bowl. Soak for 10 minutes. If the noodles are longer than the bowl, slowly bend them as they soften in the water so that they are eventually all submerged under the water.

Can you eat rice noodles cold? ›

Rice noodles are great for busy cooks as they hardly need any cooking. Once cooked, rice noodles can be used hot or cold in all sorts of Asian dishes from stir-fries to salads.

Can I reheat rice noodles? ›

Reheat refrigerated rice and noodles intended for hot serve thoroughly, with core temperature reaching at least 75°C. Do not reheat cooked rice and noodles more than once. an infectious disease or symptoms of illness such as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, sore throat and abdominal pain.

How do you keep rice noodles from sticking when cooking? ›

If your noodles will be sitting for a bit before cooking, make sure to drizzle a little oil like toasted sesame oil on them to prevent sticking. If you're using immediately, any sauce in your dish should prevent them from sticking.

How long to soak rice noodles before stir frying? ›

Soak the dried rice noodles in cool or lukewarm water for 30 minutes, or until they're limp but still firm to the touch; later cooking in the wok will soften them more. Drain the noodles thoroughly in a colander and set aside while preparing the other ingredients.

How do you keep rice noodles crispy? ›

Heat the oil over medium-high heat for a minimum of 1 minute. Take a few longer noodle pieces in your hand and dunk just the ends into the hot oil. If the oil is hot enough, the submerged parts will bloom within seconds into puffy, crispy noodles.

Do you boil rice noodles in broth? ›

If you're making a soup, you can cook the noodles directly in the broth. Add them just before serving and monitor closely to make sure they don't over-cook. Even with a bit of sesame oil, the noodles still tend to clump up after you drain them. They will loosen again once you mix the noodles into your dish.

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