All About Notti Osama Girlfriend Niyah | Family And Net Worth (2024)

Notti Osama’s girlfriend is said to be Niyah. Ethan Reyes, aka Notti Osama, was a Yonkers, New York-based aspiring drill rapper. A rival adolescent fatally stabbed Notti Osama with a knife. The incident occurred at a Manhattan subway station and received widespread coverage in national and international media.

As a result, many questions have been raised about Ethan Reyes’ personal and professional life. Everything we know about the young rapper, including his girlfriend, family, siblings, and net worth, is listed below.

Notti Osama’s Wife

Notti Osama’s girlfriend is said to be Niyah. Given that Ethan Reyes was a teen rapper just starting out, there is little information about his love life. The rapper and his girlfriend, on the other hand, may have met through mutual friends or at school. Notti Osama’s girlfriend made headlines after he was murdered. As a result, the media has not seen Niyah.

Details of the Notti Osama stabbing incident: Who Was Accused of His Murder?

Notti Osama was stabbed at the 137th Street/City College subway station at 3 p.m. on July 9, 2022, after a fight with a 15-year-old rival. At Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, he was pronounced dead. The reason for the murder has not been revealed. It appears, however, to be related to musical rivalry. Drill music entails publicly insulting and calling out opponents.

Cops arrested Notti Osama’s 15-year-old rival in connection with the incident. Initially, a charge of second-degree murder was leveled. Prosecutors discovered, however, that Osama and his friends had cornered the 15-year-old and confronted him with a broomstick. While attempting to flee, the accused stabbed Ethan.

As a result, the charges were upgraded to first-degree manslaughter. Furthermore, the knife and broomstick were discovered at the scene, and cameras were used to record the incident. The accused’s name and identity are unknown. The accused was taken to the hospital for stab wound treatment.

After the public learned of the tragic death, tributes began to pour in. While some expressed their grief on social media, others held candlelight memorials in Manhattan. Ethan’s friend also set up a GoFundMe page for the funeral.

Parents and siblings of Notti Osama

Notti Osama, as previously stated, was an aspiring rapper who was murdered. He recently shared images of his new single “Without You” with one of his brothers. According to The Sun, he was the youngest of his parents’ six children. Ethan Reyes’ parents’ names and other personal information remain private. Furthermore, he was in the early stages of his career. As a result, there are no details about his professional career.

DD Osama is Notti Osama’s brother. He paid him tribute on social media platforms. Lily Ortega, his cousin, reportedly described him as a happy and loving child. Notti Osama’s parents and relatives must be in disbelief. Let us hope that they will be able to cope with their tragic loss.

What is the Net Worth of Notti Osama? Salary, Earnings

Rappers in New York City earn an annual average salary of $44,845 according to Glassdoor. However, earnings must be determined by a variety of other factors, including the artist’s experience, talent, and commercial success.

The rapper appears to have made a good living from his work. Notti Osama can be seen posting photos and videos while holding a large sum of money. As a result, we can conclude that he was succeeding in his professional career. He was tragically killed. We send our best wishes to Notti Osama, wherever he may be.

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