Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (2024)

Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, has accused her partner and father of her child, Le Vaughn, of domestic abuse.

The OnlyFans star shared a surveillance camera clip on Instagram that appeared to show Vaughn assaulting her outside a home.

She followed up with more evidence on her Instagram Stories, including a picture of her swollen and injured eyes, adding that she wants him to "see what he does is wrong" and to take "accountability and make a real change."

Hours after making the post, Bhad Bhabie deleted the pictures from her page for reasons yet to be disclosed.

Bhad Bhabie Shared Photos Of Her Swollen Eyes After Alleged Assualt

Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (1)

Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn have been dating for over three years and share a kid, Kali Love, whom they welcomed earlier this year.

However, it appears that the trio is far from being a happy family, as seen by the "Gucci Flip Flops" crooner's call out of her boyfriend over a domestic violent incident.

The incident in question occurred on June 30, as shown in a clip of early morning surveillance footage that the OnlyFans star shared on her Instagram Stories.

In the brief clip, a man presumed to be Le Vaughn can be seen standing over Bhad Bhabie and brutally throwing her to the concrete ground, face first, as they engaged in a heated altercation.

In a separate post on her Instagram Stories, the rapper also shared pictures of half of her face, which appeared to have been taken after the assault. The photos showed wound marks, swollen eyelids, and reddish discoloration.

Bhad Bhabie Explains Why She Called Out Le Vaughn

Bhad Bhabie posted and deleted horrendous photos and videos of her allegedly being abused by her estranged boyfriend and father of her child, Le Vaughn aka LV.

She claimed in one story post that he is seeking to gain custody of their daughter.

— Mílagro (@MobzWorld) July 7, 2024

She also went on a long rant, expressing mixed emotions about being in love with Le Vaughn and being a victim of his anger.

According to the DailyMail, Bhad Bhabie wrote, "I love that man more than I love myself and it's honestly really sad. But unfortunately this is real life I know the easy way out is to leave, and that's better said than done. This doesn't happen this extreme often, but LV definitely has a problem."

The mother of one reassured her fans that Le Vaughn is "going to get the help he needs" and asked them to be "supportive" of her regardless of the decision she ends up making.

She concluded the post, "My point in sharing this wasn't to attack him, it was for him to see what he does is wrong and too [sic] take accountability and make a REAL CHANGE."

In a surprising turn of events, the rapper deleted the post just a few hours after sharing it.

Social Media Reacts To Bhad Bhabie's Domestic Violence Incident

Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (2)

Social media users were taken aback by the footage shared by Bhad Bhabie and voiced their outrage over Le Vaughn's actions.

One person wrote, "Whether you like Bhad Bhabie or not, joking about domestic violence is disgusting! I hope her and her daughter find safety and peace."

Another user commented, "Why is everybody saying he's weird he's not weird. He's abusive call it what it is. He's an abuser.!!!!"

A third person remarked, "he needs to be in jail immediately!! this f*cking ridiculous, and nobody deserves this!!"

A fourth user penned, "This is so sad. I hope you heal mentally physically and emotionally @BhadBhabie. Abuse is never ok."

One more person said, "To do that to your partner is despicable enough, but right after they birth, your child makes you an even bigger monster. No telling what he did before and during her pregnancy."

Why Bhad Bhabie And Le Vaughn Had An Altercation

Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (3)

Although Bhad Bhabie did not explicitly state what began the altercation, she hinted at it being a case of custody issue over their child in the caption of one of her posts.

The rapper penned, "This man think he gonna [sic] take my daughter from me! Say whatever you want, [trying to] take my baby is crazy."

She also added that they were "no longer together" since May but did not state whether they were taking some time apart or if it was a full breakup.

Following the post, Le Vaughn has yet to issue a statement over the domestic violence incident. It is also unclear if the police are looking to bring a charge against him for his actions.

Bhad Bhabie Is A Successful OnlyFans Model

Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (4)

The "Miss Understood" singer took to her Instagram Stories in November last year to reveal how much money she made for most of 2021, thanks to the popular content-sharing platform.

The screenshot she shared revealed that her 2021 profits on OnlyFans amounted to an impressive figure, which has left many fans surprised. Her most profitable month was April of that year, where she earned $18,148,436.44 in her first month on the platform.

For May 2021, she allegedly made $6,878,249.13, a significant drop from her debut month. Other figures on the screenshot showed a steady decline in earnings, but she still managed to earn over a million dollars each for September and October of that year.

The most recent earnings depicted by the screenshot was for November 2021, where she made $833,000.

The rapper has not shared any other updates on her recent OnlyFans earnings.

Bhad Bhabie Shares Footage Of Her Child's Father Beating Her Up, Wants Him To 'Get Help' (2024)
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