Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)

SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 10 - Dallara SF23 Super Formula '23

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (1)

Two generations of an off shoot open wheeler come to us for this week's action.

Replacing the SF19 that debuted in Gran Turismo Sport, Dallara's SF23 takes the next step in formula racing by being that lesser Japan only in between of the eco friendly Formula E and the current FIA top dog of F1. But it puts that lesser definition on such a small scale.

The once named Formula Nippon saw action all the way back in the 70s, so by saying it's the lesser Formula racing series is to put it very lightly. Open wheel racing is no joke since it's known these drivers have to be much more fit than most other athletes in various popular sports.

While still using carbon fibre as a shell, the new SF23 has an aim to go completely carbon neutral, meaning the racing's not going to add on to the emissions. This all is part of an initiative, called SF Next 50, to allow the entertainment of motorsports head into the future well with the reduction of waste and boost in sustainability.

To do so, they received specially made bio-composite recycled materials from Swiss based Bcomp, using their in developed "ampliTex" and "powerRibs" flax composites that consist of 70% flax fibres. These babies find themselves roaming all over the motorsports world today, actually. They're in the mentioned Formula cars, DTM, certain German branded GT racers, and of course I must mention Extreme E.. a personal favorite I've had the pleasure of running in Horizon 5.

Before I head into randomly mentioning niobium steel, Yokohama once again gets us the car's rubber, and they've made use of recycled rubber and naturally compounding agents to make up a third of the car's tire material, while still maintaining their performance compared to their not so sustainable former self in the past. And with revised aero that pushes the competition to be fierce and close.. I'm looking at various sites on why, and I guess it's something one has to experience firsthand. The cars we get in game are the development models known as White Tiger and Red Tiger, for Honda and Toyota powered sources respectively.

Anything else? Umm.. FIA Gran Turismo champion Igor Fraga being the official "Super Formula e-Motorsports Ambassador" does mean the Gran Turismo games and Super Formula are going to be tied quite well. Sucks about the other open wheel disciplines stuck behind stringent licensing if you feel they need to be in this game, however. For those hoping, you're just going to pray they do another F1500T.

With this week, a theme's being played that caters to a character I already introduced. Looks to me he's coming back; one of the many things I have to plan on the fly in regards to nominations. What's also on the fly is how I'm playing with this scale of time, and how the next chapters are horribly simplified: one way I'm going to make better with flooding the last entry..


Episode 10: Hayato Matsumoto - Ace Driver

5 days ago..

Fuji Speedway
Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2)

Unlike other weeks, a race was due today, calling up Super Formula racers of various skill levels.

With various cars out in practice, the noise of the specially made potent turbocharged 2 liter inline 4s flood the air around this famed circuit.

But one prominent superstar in this field: one ninja wannabe Hayato, was left alone in his garage, in peace by his team to meditate within its empty space.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (3)

Katana and its saya face down in front, Hayato thinks only of peace, tranquility, and even finds himself ignoring the narrative he's gifted to be aware of for the time being to be with his lonesome.

Hayato: "Hmm..."

He's usually lost in sense of time when he undertakes these, but for the sake of the narrative, nearly an hour passes before he's exited the other world.

In the material realm, he's awaited by a man in a trenchcoat overlaying today's latest in British fashion, and he didn't even open his eyes to feel this man's foreign aura.

It was the aura of glory, success, but also persistence. He didn't even have to second guess that this is Nash Kirkham: the man who's adopted once orphaned Hayato to be his successor.

And Hayato slowly brings his eyes open in disgust to feel his moment interrupted by a theme song that starts to blare in his head.

Hayato: "Hmmm... I know you're here, jiji."

Nash: "I've no intention to sneak up on you as you do to me, Moto-san."

As Hayato gets off the crossed legs and off his feet, the white haired man takes off his fedora and places it on the walking stick he moves around with.

Hayato: "Nyeehh.. you're too honest and upstanding."

Nash on the other hand was looking at a nearby screen showing a quick animation of today's competitors, unfamiliar with the names that pop up.

Nash: "Tell me about this race. It's not against your usual fare of Super Formula lot, is it?"

Hayato: "No. Complete mix of noobs, wild cards and some top level talent. Everyone knows I'm the man to win this, so I'm starting at the back."

His father figure investigating the scene, Hayato finds himself in curiosity, starting his own investigation about his presence being about to begin with.

Hayato: "You never come over to Nippon without reason. And if it's holiday, Rin-chan's usually the one you go to. Visiting your son's always tertiary, isn't it to you, jiji?"

The middle aged foreigner processed the facts and looks towards his adopted son in mild guilt as he holds his hair.

Nash: "No, but.. verily, you're correct. You definitely know my parenting has been shoddy. I'd apologize, but I know you're expecting that."

Hayato: "And it would feel dishonest. We're not very good at this.. oddly close aged parenting."

Nash: "I've made a promise to Shinzo, and I shall make that promise a veritable piece of my heart to fulfill."

To ease the uneasy feeling, Nash had an idea..

Nash: "We start over?"

Hayato: "Heh heh.. I agree. Walk that way, and.. you know what to do."

They both walk apart, then let a moment pass as they approach each other.

Nash: "Tidings, my son."

Hayato: "Jiji! I know you hate it when I call you that, heh, but it's good to see you."

The formal mood was interrupted however by the man whose least likely to do so.

Nash: "Yes.. sorry for going off script, but that.. felt good."

Hayato: "A little forced, but really, it's good to see you, jiji."

Nash: "That former part's also true. I'm old, but I can't be rusted off so soon."

He put out his famous hateful smile as he crosses his arms playfully.

Hayato: "Says mister albino here. The wrinkles come and there's not much left of you that's young and hip."

It's hard for Nash to not feel offended when age is the matter of attack, feeling disgruntled with his response..

Nash: "I'll show you one of these days, you muppet.."

Hayato: "Heh heh heh [slow clapping], sure you will. And I'll be happy to see it."

Naturally walking to a more comfortable area with seating, Nash takes a chair, sitting gently down while Hayato hops onto another and sits with legs crossed.

Nash: "But back to the matter of importance. Candy Lam."

Expecting his own name, Hayato couldn't hide his shock.

Hayato: "Her?! Candy-chan's in Europe, last I hear."

Nash: "That much I do know. Clark.. my brother's been busy watching her."

He might be jumping to conclusions, but Hayato wanted to test his father's resolve.

Hayato: "You came all the way to Nippon just to say hi. Talk about a waste of resources, amirite?"

Nash: "No, that's so I can ask you to come with me to that glorified car meet."

Hayato: "Sure you do. Rin-chan mentions it's invite only for the 'street racing elite' or whatever that means."

Getting comfortable, Nash adjusts his seating as he prepares to make a long winded explanation..

Nash: "That I hear is to keep the riff-raff away. It's publicly open, but the racing's completely catered for street racers, because road cars are what runs around that event.. thus that's the thinking for the many years it's run.. not to mention a lot of shady dealings when it comes to the competition.. bets to pink slips.."

It wasn't the most compelling argument, but Hayato understands the logic soundly, letting him begin to act with a laugh followed with slow claps.

Hayato: "Huh.. ahhh.. aaahhaahaahh!"

Nash: "And I'm not quite finished. That all you hear: it's all FIA sanctioned. Guess why?"

Hayato: "That's obviously bribery in there."

His son entertained, Nash goes on in great enthusiasm.

Nash: "Verily this is the facts as we speak. But that's not all bollocks. One has to be a verified elite to get involved or even bat an eye on those, so there's that."

Hayato: "By the way, I don't see a reason to be there unless I can show off.."

Nash: "Oh yes, I know you THAT much, Moto-san. There's a high performance car Sim Gear's thinking of testing to promote the show, and I want you to be the one handling it."

Hayato: "Ooohhh.. you've captured my intrigue, but keep talking! It might confirm that opinion."

Nash however couldn't feel confident with those words, knowing he's not the one controlling nominations for the thread.

Hoping to delude that idea, Nash took a quick look at a certain racing machine recycled with carbon fibre nearby.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (4)

And even though it's brief, it got him inquisitive about it, asking his more knowledgable son.

Nash: "I would but.. this feeling. I finally get to see a Japan exclusive formula racer for the first time. How's it take your fancy?"

Playing with his ornate katana, Hayato answers back as he puts it away.

Hayato: "Nyeehh.. It's about time we get a brand new car. Carbon neutral, special recyclable tires or something. And revised aero means a lot of close racing."

Nash: "You're done your practice, I presume?"

Hayato: "You don't remember how I operate, jiji? All my practice's done in the early morning. I always meditate before a race, to gather thoughts of the right people and spirits so that they bless me with good fortune."

Nash got thinking about the right people, bringing him back to two more individuals related to his estranged ninja like son.

Nash: "About that. Shinzo and Candy. Why's this now come up?"

Hayato: "She's a complete shut in, so I hoped to keep that quiet so that she can find peace. This all be a recent development, jiji; don't judge me. Is there any particular reason that once hidden 3rd apprentice's now on the menu?"

Nash: "We're considering her to be Mythic."

Puzzled, Hayato leaned forward and gave a face a monkey would find attractive, riddled in questions on how that fact came to be.

Hayato: "Hoo?"

Nash: "Before you argue: I know you're more worthy of that title, but that time's yet to come."

But Moto-san wasn't exactly falling for the enraged student cliche, reassuring himself with a healthy dose of ego.

Hayato: "Cut the crap! I'm already past that, jiji. I'll let myself do the talking to making my name heard."

Seeing Hayato's acceptance gave Nash his idea of maturity being more in depth that anyone else knows of, unable to hide that pride.

Nash: "That's my boy."

Hayato: "It's funny you say that, jiji.. makes me feel warm."

The glow in them would pale as Nash thought about Hayato's reasoning for warm fuzzies, leading to..

Nash: "Did Shinzo say something like that?"

Hayato: "He's full of fatherly statements and euphemisms."

Nash: "Indeed.. a perk of me being all professional to him when we met. When he's on my arse, he's serious. And hoo boy: in that form there's no time for that kind of language, believe me."

A pause follows, but Nash wants to break the silence by coming close to his odd Japanese son and pat him on the shoulder.

Nash: "I'm glad we got to have this talk. Consider it why I'm here in person for you, Moto-san."

And Hayato rebounds back with a snarky remark about the situation..

Hayato: "I feel that's still a poor reason, but I take those, heh heh."

Not long after, doors open and various racing crew members pouri in, following a few of them coming close to the unorthodox father-son combo.

Nash: "Your team's coming in?"

Hayato: "Nearly race time. Come find me after the podium, jiji. Let's talk European travel plans then."

He stood still as Hayato enters the attention of his team, but Nash felt like he's standing alone in that garage, strangely feeling empty.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (5)

The race is set to begin, and Nash, being his son's special guest, heads up to his race command and is given a headset.

Nash: "Ahh, cheers. Moto-san?"

Hayato: "Aww! Narrator-chan, PLEASE, get him off the radio chatter!"

Nash: "What are you faffing about? Just saying good luck while I hand it back to your chief. Do me and Shinzo proud."

Hayato: "Nyeehh, it's what I live for, you geezer."

Nash: "What's that? Did you say minus a million quid off the inheritance?"

Hayato: "You ain't the boss of me, heh heh heh. Now I need to FOCUS."

Memory Lane
Sick Music 2 Sampler 1

Knock knock, my politically incorrect racial ephitets. Here's a car that prompts me to only do 1 freaking analysis, because let's face it: this is how I'm going to handle these. Along with whatever comes with minimal choice of car tunability, such as non grouped Vision GT machinery. For this writeup, I'll be using the Honda powered SF23, because aside from tone, I doubt there's a reason to get both if you're stretched thin for credits. Not to mention the base PS4 really feels like hanging up when a roster of 20 cars gets involved in taking race photos, so you're getting this one picture I managed to save before I decide to surrender to the whims of poor hardware, and quaff up the nearest inedible bottle of liquid in chaotic slapstick. Sheesh.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (6)

With a monstrous 950 PP, thousands of downforce levels and carrying the most advanced soft compound by default, it doesn't take a genius to tell you the SF23's main selling point is its handling. This is a car that can go full out in many middle speed corners. A quick run around the full Kyoto Driving Park will get you to only brake the car in I suppose is 5-6 different corners. Faith on the car's turning is the best advice for you first timers with the car. You'll need to be confident in what the car offers you. Brakes are the best they can ever be in a realistic motorsport, and thus the braking zones are at a complete minimal here. Not to mention the turning, downforce effects (dirty air and high speed cornering) and pacing are at a level ahead than your usual group classified racer.

Speaking of turning, you'd want to be careful not to end up outside the asphalt. You can tell you failed in that regard if you notice a different hue on the car's tyres. And speaking of turning... again: this is a car that easily unsettles when it goes through elevation, be it thick sausage curbs or certain roads even. The reason is because it's riding so low, you're quite sure it's not applicable to run around the Nordschliefe. This also means be gentle with the input if you're travelling on or from tall curbs, or the Shadow Realm's eager to find you. The Shadow Realm's also eager to those who like to knee jerk their inputs when the car's in 1st to 3rd gears. Just be extra careful with it on low speeds, especially transitioning to higher power. I personally make use of short shifting to get this over with, and you're also welcome to use traction control as part of your racing regiment. These strats are however not foolproof, so this isn't a beginner friendly ride. In fact, the car amplifies skill and it will radiate that on to the track, with the better of the racers up front more exemplified.

Now, just like Week 5's RS 5 Turbo DTM, the SF23 has a separate boost function. Essentially the same functionality as an Indycar's push-to-pass system, the car is given an Overtake System that gives the car a small boost in power, but with limited fuel usage so it's not to be spammed. While this means you can't use the car at all at nitrous restricted events or lobbies, in Super Formula events you're able to make use of this to get that little bit of power to make the racing exciting. And unlike the RS 5: all cars have this, meaning I don't have to moan and whine about its existence and it being required to be competitive. It is, but at least everyone gets to use it. Based on what I read, the small burst of power's got a cooldown of about 100 seconds, depending on venue, but there's no such limitation here in GT land. You're going to want this to be finished by the end of any race, so you'd want to learn how much one button press spends this. Lastly, I'm unsure if nitrous duration settings in lobbies would affect this too.

If we observe the powerband, this is yet another car which has power die off at the top end of the RPM zone. Now, while I would say shift early, you'll also notice that small traction ridge at the mid-low RPM range. I personally would like for this to bugger off and not be a part of your accelerating. But if you're short shifting, there's a zone where you want to watch out. It maxes out at 398 foot pounds, so it's not bad, except like I mentioned lower RPMs for lower gears. Carrying on to gears, well, no problems spotted in the sequential processing of upshifting, until you notice the car's got a pretty tall 6th that'll never get reached unless you find a boost pad. I know they don't exist so realistically you might reach it at Route X.. asleep with your insert wrong limb/body part at the accelerator. But hey: at least you don't have to worry about the car thirsting away at its top end.

Tuning the SF23 comes down to only the suspension, differential, aero and transmission. Also the turbo lag, but the way I see and feel it.. it's a preference to work with that. To me, the only things that aren't preference to tune is the transmission and the aerodynamics. Since the car loves to kill you at lower RPMs on lower gears, you'd agree with me that a tall lower gearset is to be considered adding. And maybe a short 6th gear that'll be the solution to all that gear's issues. Playing with the aerodynamics is of course to suit the car better for speedy or corner heavy adventures on circuit... a lesson we stock setup runners suffered when BOP remained off and our resident alien decides to take advantage to this to a massive gain.

One more thing: since this car's snap oversteer comes from power rather than its tyre grip, you're welcome to bring the brake balance all the way to the rear if you need that extra angle.. every little bit helps, right? There was going to be a Formula 1 meme here, but I'm too disinterested in the pit lane politics of that discipline. What do I got? Umm.. something about Kimi shutting up his pit crew? And Singapore lizard, can't forget that.. But what are super Formula memes like, I wonder..

AAAAAHHH IT'S GODZILLA... wait, there's no Nissan powered Super Formula.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (7)

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (8)

The post race celebrations now over, Hayato looks aside, eyes gazing out in search for someone.

If anything, Moto-san. You've been quiet when it comes to making conversation with this story telling deity. Is something wrong?

Hayato: "To be honest, I feel today's not the day to talk to you. Perhaps the next occurance of me appearing will change that. Don't be offended, Narrator-chan.."

Very well. Godspeed for you then on handling your father, then. He awaits you patiently, just off his smartphone, and putting aside his stresses collected by being recently freed of big business thoughts.

Nash: "Fierce and relentless. Must be a thrill. Regardless, well done."

Hayato: "Bit of a shame victory is my destiny today. My kind of result, but.. there's this feeling of not reaching enlightenment, jiji. My car, my crew, my groove, but no fulfillment.."

Nash gets to yet another test of fatherhood, and didn't hesitate to go with encouragement..

Nash: "If not me, perhaps it would be different if you can feel Shinzo's presence.. I'm not one for souls and spirits, so.."

Hayato: "Kheh. No matter. I appreciate your kind gesture, jiji. But you must tell me.."

To say it was predictable being a complete understatement, Nash was ready, raising his eyebrows..

Nash: "Of?"

Hayato: "Why you insist on going to Europe for one small, irrelevant event?"

Nash: "Moto-san, my boy.. We don't have to be at Switzerland the whole time. You'd be interested in sightseeing a few countries. I hear France's good this season."

The mention of that country reignites Hayato's experience with the Richelieu family, and to involve wires, poisons, and a lot of unpleasant places to put leather on, it wasn't pleasant all the way, prompting his response..

Hayato: "Perhaps not."

Nash: "Verily so? Well.. how about a racer's tour. We can visit certain racing locales, get to know some heritage."

He's still excited with the race, but Hayato's brain got him thinking instead with his honest opinion about that..

Hayato: "This is all a precursor to an obviously snore worthy experience."

Nash: "That so? Perhaps I need to take the right angle with you.."

He searched for an idea as he tapped his forehead.

And the next one that came up was the sort that's perfect, he thought, leading to him revealing..

Nash: "Well.. Want to take a dare and bring that Super Formula car around a few circuits?"

Hayato: "A chance to tell the world this car's utmost potential?"

A small smile's all the hint Nash got, and it's the one he wanted, continuing as he kept his composure..

Nash: "Just have to pull a few strings and see if your director's okay with that. Your active racing not going to start soon, right?"

Hayato: "Nyeeeehh.. alright. There's that impeccable logic of yours. You hooked me along, you old angler. And you do have the idea for me.. I feel like turning some heads."

Nash: "Good. I do feel my brother and his cohorts are in for quite a shock."

Hayato: "Shock? They're getting one alright, nyeeeheehee.. so how about transport? We'll need someone who can get this along with us flying on your private jets."

Nash: "You know I'll just use the Foundation profits and get a private cargo plane. There's plenty of that, so you're going to thank me."

But in Hayato's mind, Nash owes him something, and thus leads to him playfully getting to something he's always pestered his father about..

Hayato: "Do you know what else I would be thankful for? Starts with McLaren, ends with F1.."

Nash: "No."

Hayato: "Just one ride?"

Nash: "No."

Hayato: "Pretty please with a yuzu on top?"

Nash: "No."

Frustration heading to a comical boiling point, Hayato's rage builds up as he raises his voice like a certain member of club Squidward.

Hayato: "Can't you say anything else but no?!"

Nash: "Try asking again."

Hayato: "Can I have a drive on that amazing breathtaking legendary car of yours?"

He knew how that scene ended, and Nash landed his coup de grace akin to a magic conch shell.

Nash: "Noo~"

But unlike Squidward, Hayato kept his cool on the whole, but had to ask..

Hayato: "So what will it take for that to happen, then?"

Nash: "Moto-san, the answer remains no until I die."

Able to read his understudy's mind, Nash looks to the side knowing Yoko has been unleashed out of her saya once again and mutters in disbelief..

Nash: "Bother.. How dare you even.. just.. don't even think about it, you muppet."

While Hayato is a cool character, his predictability undermines his wannabe ninja status, putting that sword back to its scabbard.

Hayato: "NYEEEHHH, fine.."

Present day..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (9)

Back in Deep Forest, Candy walks about the morning as the festivities get underway for a small crowd.

Noticing the people around either spending time with cars on the track or minding their own business, she puts her hands atop her eyebrows in a search pattern.

All that ends as she gains sight of a dark skinned man: someone to whom she's not familiar with the outfit, but his face was a familiar sight from yesterday's big reveal, and Candy's up to meeting him.

Candy: "You! Umm.. the museum curator, was it?"

Giles: "Oh? Lady Candy? You look fine. Oh, I beg your pardon. You're looking for me?"

Giles makes his stance formal and strong upon approach by the short but fiery GT racing lady.

Candy: "That I am. I heard from Paul, actually. About your past. Pretty fascinating that you'd give up touring car racing."

Giles: "Oh, don't mind me. It's just my younger self thinking this isn't what future me hopes to do for the rest of his days. So far.. I say he's right."

Candy: "Glad to see you happy about that. I'm just thinking about my friend Lulu. She's having a struggle with career choice. Perhaps you can help."

Giles: "Hmm.. I'll keep that in mind. Now, don't let me be the only influence for her.. she must decide by her own accord."

He was wary about the risk, but he couldn't help mention to Candy about..

Giles: "Fancy this: did you know Clark's also in my situation once?"

Candy: "No. I don't think I do. You mind telling a quick recap?"

Giles: "Certainly. But only if he's not around to hear it. It's quite delicate to his well being."

And with the only people around the area being workers and pit staff, Giles knows enough that there's nothing to be worried about.

Giles: "Looks to me the coast is clear."

Candy: "So.."

Not wasting any time, he begins the short tale..

Giles: "Clark, or rather, when he was once known as Max decades back, had this big opportunity to race street cars in various events just as he's gotten his Super License. He's a real fighter, keeping up with the big boys with a classic Lamborghini."

Candy: "What Lamborghini? Actually, I'll ask later. Then??"

Giles: "One day in America, he was attacked by some big criminal outfit.. His girlfriend then: a wealthy, relatively unknown Slavic benefactor by the name of Dorah.. something.. was the one of the 2 victims of that gruesome moment in his life. The other's a passers by I hear."

Candy: "Oh.. it explans his rage. Then?"

Giles: "Gist is he took that classic Lamborghini, rebuilt it, and took over the London racing street racing scene with what youth he's got. The day that woman passed on to the afterlife was eventually followed his passion for on track action. And there you go."

Candy's whole thought of it all was mostly indifferent, but she gains an understanding on Clark's general grumpy act, tilting her head as she processes this.

Candy: "Compared to you retiring.. that's a tad extreme, is it?"

Giles: "Mmhmm. I feel there's no bringing that spirit on that old blighter back easily."

With staff making tests on equipment, Candy notes the surroundings..

Candy: "So we have music through a stage, a welcoming public presence, and various events for the span of the entire day.. anything else to note, Giles?"

Giles: "You're asking the wrong bloke for that information. My eyes are on the track times they're putting on a board."

And Giles didn't hold back on leading them both towards said board: a large tall monitor usually used for the racing events.

Candy sees a whole roster of names and cars, headlined by someone a select few would know stands nearby.

Candy: "Your time as the Spitfire's up on top."

That mention got Giles enough motivation to feel a bit of pride with his alter ego's name on mention alone, beaming with a smile, and glowing up with a raised arms on hips posture.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (10)

Giles: "That it is. It's still bare morning, and there's even a presence of racing teams wanting a chance to get their name shown. I say I did a splendid job getting it that high above your run of the mill GT racer. Perhaps it might remain for the day?"

The conversation was to continue, but Candy takes note of a nearby garage door opening with a loud rattling, seeing..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (11)

Candy: "Oh? I feel there's some bad news with that car up and coming.."

Giles follows her attention and makes a startling reaction..

Giles: "Blimey! Is that an F1 car? Seems.. different but familiar in the same time.."

Now the car rolls out a little, revealing its bevy of sponsors, and the driver's name in kanji..

Candy: "Hang on! That name.."

Familiar with said Eastern language, she's deciphered it and announces..

Candy: "Ehh! Moto-san!"

From inside the car, Hayato raises his helmet's visor, beaming as he happily greets the Hong Kongese lady.

Hayato: "Yo, Candy-chan! Sorry I didn't announce my arrival, but I had family in my thoughts these days. So this is the legendary Deep Forest, eh?"

Candy: "But this.. is your Formula racer, outside of Nippon!"

Hayato: "Candy-chan.. I thought you knew I was in Super Formula."

Candy: "Not likely I'll ever see it outside Suzuka, Sugo or Autopolis. You never even revealed it proper to me.."

Hayato: "That's social media's job, Candy-chan. Not mine. Now excuse me while I put that lap time leaderboard and have it etched into my name as the legend to beat. NYEEEEHEEEHEEHEEHH!"

And Hayato eagerly exits the scene with a quick warming of the car.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (12)

Candy: "That Moto-san's a talent to behold.. albeit one dirty rat.."

Giles: "I guess I'll accept defeat so soon. Talk about completely unforeseen."

And from the darkness of said pit garage was another man from earlier, announcing his arrival..

Nash: "Verily, this is part of a sinister scheme within the building blocks of us as father and son, Giles."

Nash walks out, in full glory with song in tow, and the people nearby can't help but make sounds of the man making his presence stand out.

"'The Legend' Nash Kirkham?"

"My my, he's really here.."

"This event's bringing talent all over, and they're not kidding."

"The rumors are true.. it's like he's aged a whole generation.."

"Has he brought the McLaren?"

As an old friend however, Giles doesn't have that sort of respect.

Giles: "Nash! You old blighter, you're here! Not expecting the elderly, so.. am afraid there's nothing to help you move with."

Expecting something to keep the banter going, Nash kept silent, giving Giles the cumbersome task of follow up..

Giles: "Okay, serious now: how's the Foundation rocking?"

And he answered back with the feeling of mild disgust.

Nash: "Giles, this is what you get for not being at the monthly shareholder's meetings. I prefer we leave that for another time. I'm more interested in.. her."

She's short, but to him, she's just the right kind of person to finally meet amicably as he looks down..

Nash: "The great Asian lone wolf herself. A pleasure. Nash Kirkham. I'm sure you heard about me.. partner of Shinzo Nishimura's racing exploits.. your late sensei."

It's not her hypertension, but she's got signs of nervousness rising, as if she's met Jacob Ross back in Week 2, although this man's covered in white instead.

From not breathing okay, to an elevated heartbeat, she's unsure on how to calmly handle this magnificent presence..

Candy: "This is.. THE Nash Kirkham in the flesh. I.. umm, whoa.."

And likewise, Nash finds himself also unsure on how to react to this abrupt loss of composure.

Nash: "My my.. sounds like you saw a ghost.. look past these white locks, and you can tell I'm very much corporeal, thank you very much."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (13)


A high skill machine who defines you not as a tuner, but as a driver on the whole. I for one really suck at the car, despite my practice. I don't feel I want to give the car a rating. While nobody's supposed to hinder me, with my skill level I'm not cut out to give that opinion. Not yet. Let's wait till I mature some more as a racer, and maybe it will earn something with my mark on it.

But if you do have the funds to spare, consider this a veritably great choice for honing that future racing champion in you. But don't say I didn't warn you it isn't hesitant to kill the overly foolish.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (14)

Cars like these are a medium for my inner dark side. No, not as a rammer or anything, but rather how I usually somehow sneak these kinds of cars in lobbies where you'd get a Group 3 car in its place. I do buy sports tires for all my race cars, by the way.

For this festival event thingy in Deep Forest, this is how I'm going to tackle in story wise. There's at least 4 planned quick chapters of characters coming to the event, and yes they will be related to someone already introduced that's present. I feel this approach is more to my liking as the busy intrusion of life comes in. And not forgetting versatility.

And Manchester native Nash Kirkham is perhaps one of the most important characters in my fiction on the whole. His appearances should be backed with that epic orchestral cover of Coldplay's Paradise.. my Gran Turismo 6 era of writing's main theme song, as that era revolves around THIS character. Actually a recent find, whenever I hear that orchestral cover, I look back at 2014 myself, unfortunately seeing an overly eager me making the wrong kind of moves, and eventually putting my passions of writing fiction aside.

If I'm going to put my passions aside again, I hope at the least it'll end on a better note.

For Hayato Matsumoto (6)
see Episode 5

For Giles Crowden (Sport)
see Episode 9

Once a youthful, late 90s racing powerhouse with family fortunes secured his good life as the strategic and composed mastermind behind the Kirkham Foundation of Medical Sciences. This Manchester native is settled for many lives worth of riches, racing world influence and overall standing in his many fields, but he requires the help of a few worthy others to achieve the goal of housing the fastest racers on the planet.

Theme Song: Coldplay - White Shadows, Coldplay - Paradise (Epic Orchestral Cover by Carl Abelgas & its_draconix)
Racing Duel Music: Electric Lights Orchestra - Prologue + Twilight
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Age: 41
Current occupation: Corporate director
Distinct features: Medium sized, clean cut straight grey hair with white edges. Wide oblong oval face, with hints of wrinkling. Thick narrow nubian nose with often dried out mouth of average size. Slightly tall, very fit build covered by strongly pale skin.
Choice of clothing: No real preference outside of what's British. Functional is what matters. He's often with designer clothing that make him look and feel youthful, such as a puffy jacket over shirt and jeans, bright tracksuits and if anything is formal, it's brightly colored.
Cars: McLaren F1, Abarth 500

Nash was birthed in his current home turf of Manchester. A rich upper classman of Whalley Range, Nash might be born with wealth on his pocket from day 1 due to his father's role as the figurehead of long time pharmaceutical megacompany: the Kirkham Foundation. But he wasn't quite blessed in other ways. His mother passed from childbirth, and his father's not long for the world with a terminal illness. With connected family unwilling to support this dying cause, Nash was left with the family fortune from age 10. However, his father's advice never left him: he's to only trust himself, and never to let anyone give them a chance to take away the family riches.

With that advice in mind, he's left his lofty life of a giant mansion with servants on every whim to enroll himself to the best, with loyal corporate figures acting as his legal guardians, ensuring he would come up to grow as the future of the company. His trust issues would plague him until he would scuffle with a boy who would grow up to be the UK's street racing pioneer known as The Messiah. Said boy would change Nash for the better, being the first person he would open to, and declare as his brother: a role still going strong today. His bitterness towards others would end, as this period of comforting his always angry brother would give way to Nash's overall kind spiritedness coming out.

Reaching adulthood, Nash balanced out his new role as the Foundation director with the life he yearned to find, and he looked hard. Upon suggestion by his brother was track racing, and while his brother was unfortunate, Nash went on to be a GT racing icon after his debut years, meeting many others in this career. But the good times never last, as he was diagnosed by a rare form of albinism that caused his body to age quicker than usual. While his foundation went far to develop a cure, nothing fruitful arose. His undying dedication to this cure had him hit the books, so hard that it earned him great honors in medical sciences and economics. As he would take on an American protege to give his racing wisdom, he's uncertain of his fate, and adopted a successor to give down his company due to an old friend's promise.

These days, Nash's undiagnosed condition prevents him from racing in his name, despite being in peak physical form, but he's usually out and about racing various top racing fields as the Mysterious NZ. And if he's not co-hosting Sim Gear with his brother, he's scheming away his latest big dedicated project known as the Mythic Initiative. Now with six in tow, he's hoping to rid the discord caused by his own protege entering a dark chapter, hoping that the choice never has to come..

Nash Kirkham: current head honcho of the Kirkham Foundation

Keith Ross: Jacob's much younger brother.
Someone Peigi refers as The Cinderella/Cindy
3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina
The Bristol Harbinger
'Ginnie': Gary's current long distance girlfriend who he's strangely trying to keep discreet

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Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)
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