Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals, Specials, Days and Hours 2024 (2024)

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Del Taco Taco Tuesday: If you’re anything like me, you are aware this Del Taco Taco Tuesday is where you can find amazing deals and delicious specials.

Due to the popularity of Del Taco Taco Tuesday is and how popular it is, we’ll break down everything you need to find out more about it.

Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals, Specials, Days and Hours 2024 (1)

You may be looking to find Del Taco deals, specials Del Taco discounts or simply want to know the timings and dates for Del Taco Tuesday (and in reality Del Taco Thursdays that we ought to not forget) we’ll go over everything in this article.

In the end, the most appealing aspect of Taco Tuesday at Del Taco is actually the times.

In contrast to other taco restaurants, Del Taco offers not only taco Tuesdays, but as well Taco Thursdays, which is perfect for busy moms!

What is Del Taco Taco Tuesday?

Del Taco Tuesday (actually named Taco Nights) is every Tuesday and Thursday at Del Taco.

Visit Del Taco on Tuesday and Thursday and you’ll have the chance to get amazing Specials and Deals on tacos, which can be enjoyed anytime between the hours of 3pm to 11pm when you stop by the nearest Del Taco Del Taco.

What days are Taco Nights at Del Taco?

Del Taco Taco Nights aren’t only for Tuesdays. Taco Nights are actually every Tuesday and Thursday!

Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals, Specials, Days and Hours 2024 (2)

This is my most-loved spot for Taco Tuesday so when the children complain on Wednesdays that we didn’t make Taco Tuesday, there’s always an opportunity to create Del Taco Taco Thursday.

The best part is that each taco night comes with a distinct particularity, so be sure to save this blog and check for updates whenever there’s an taco night (Tuesday or on a Thursday) for Del Taco. Del Taco.

What are Del Taco Taco Tuesday deals?

Del Taco Tuesday deal is almost three regular tacos at $1.49 that is typically $2.07.

If you’re purchasing an entire batch of Taco Tuesday, the Tuesday deal can yield significant savings.

What are Taco Night hours at Del Taco?

Before you take a trip to Taco Tuesday night at Del Taco, you’ll want to know the times for Taco night.

Be sure to visit Del Taco between 3 pm and 11 pm to avail specials and deals. The timings are the same for Del Taco Tuesday and Thursday are the same.

This makes it easier for those who love taco evenings in Del Taco.

I typically reserve taco nights for Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I can get discounts on Taco Tuesday specials and the daily specials at Del Taco makes for some great deals as well, and you’ll save a lot.

How Else Can You Save at Del Taco?

Del Taco offers a range of promotions and deals including daily specials and loyalty points. Here are a few of Del Taco’s current offers and promotions:

  • Join the Del Taco Raving Fans Eclub and get 2 free tacos, or chicken tacos.
  • Special Birthday Offer: Del Taco celebrates your birthday by gifting you free premium shakes and coupons exclusive to Del Taco.
  • Install Del Taco’s app. Del Taco app: Get 2 tacos for free when you sign up. The app is accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Spend the money on the gift cards: for a period of time If you purchase gift cards at Del Taco, you can get a combo meal for free. For instance, if you purchase $30 in gift cards, you’ll receive a FREE combo food. If you spend $100 on gift cards, you’ll receive 4 combo meals for free!

What are Del Taco Taco Thursday deals?

The Thursday deal is bit different from the Tuesday sale on Del Taco.

Go to Del Taco on Taco Thursdays and you’ll be able get three chicken tacos grilled for only $2.29.

Usually, they cost buck which means that grabbing three for under two dollars sounds pretty sweet.

I love the chicken tacos which are grilled. If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste them before Thursday is the perfect chance to taste these.

It’s great to know that If you don’t get to enjoy Taco Tuesday you can also enjoy Taco Thursday night with your family with Del Taco!

What time does Del Taco Taco Tuesday start?

Del Taco Taco Tuesday starts at 3pm, and will end at 11 pm.

What’s more, that you don’t need to keep track of the Different hours on Thursdays. visit Del Taco Thursday and visit between 3pm to 11pm to be able to take advantage of deals and promotions as well.

Del Taco Hours

MondayOpen 24/7
TuesdayOpen 24/7
WednesdayOpen 24/7
ThursdayOpen 24/7
FridayOpen 24/7
SaturdayOpen 24/7
SundayOpen 24/7

Can I order Taco Tuesday tacos online?

Yes, Del Taco offers an easy way to order Taco Tuesday tacos online. Visit the official site or install their mobile application to access their online order system.

Browse through the menu, choose your favorite Taco Tuesday tacos you desire make your selection, modify the order as needed before completing the check out.

Take advantage of the convenience of ordering online and enjoy your favourite Taco Tuesday treats from Del Taco.

Make sure you check with Del Taco at your nearest Del Taco to ensure online ordering is available at your particular location.

Is the Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal available all day?

Yes you can, it is true that the Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal is available throughout the day.It’s a well-known promotion which allows customers can get reduced tacos every Tuesday.

This offer lets patrons enjoy in their most loved tacos for an affordable price for the day.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional tacos made of beef, grill chicken tacos or vegetarian alternatives and vegetarian options.

you can benefit from this offer whenever you go to the Del Taco restaurant on a Tuesday.

It’s important to note that although Taco Tuesday deals are available throughout the day, Taco

Tuesday deal is generally accessible all day long but it’s best to verify the exact timings of the offer with the local Del Taco establishment, since some places may be able to offer slight changes in their hours of operation or specials.

What Is Del Taco’s Raving Fan eClub?

Simply put, it’sjoining Del Taco’s email newsletterswhich will send fresh Del Taco specials, freebies and special offers straight into your inbox.It’s free, and you’ll get free food when sign-up.

What you get for nothing when you join the eClub

  • Two free chicken tacos grilled to perfection
  • Free Premium shake to celebrate your birthday
  • New Del Taco coupons & promo codes
  • The latest products offers (before they are for sale)

This is an amazing deal just for signing up. numerous taco restaurants aren’t able to compete with the free offers that you’ll get when sign up to Del Taco emails and it will make your visit all the more delicious!

Are the tacos for the Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal gluten-free?

Yes, the tacos offered in this deal at Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal are not gluten-free because they are made from crispy turkey or beef taco shells that contain gluten.

But, Del Taco does offer different gluten-free options in their food menu.

The restaurant is strongly recommended that you inquire with the restaurant about allergies and dietary restrictions prior to making a purchase.


Del Taco Taco Tuesday is a lively celebration of tacos and flavors and the community.

With its attractive offers, tasty food items and dedication to excellence, Del Taco has successfully developed an unforgettable Taco Tuesday experience that keeps customers returning to enjoy more.

Mark your calendars now get together with your loved ones and enjoy the flavor that are Del Taco Taco Tuesday!

FAQ – Del Taco Taco Tuesday

When is Taco Tuesday at Del Taco?

Taco Tuesday at Del Taco is usually held on Tuesdays.It’s recommended to check with the Del Taco’s local Del Taco for specific hours and opening hours.

How much do tacos cost on Taco Tuesday at Del Taco?

Tacos are priced at a reasonable price during Taco Tuesday at Del typically is reduced, and prices range between $0.79 up to $1.00 each taco contingent on the area.

Can I get both crunchy and soft tacos on Taco Tuesday?

Depending on the specials on offer at the local Del Taco, you can typically select between crunchy or soft tacos for Taco Tuesday.

Do I need a coupon to get the Taco Tuesday deal?

In the majority of instances, you don’t require a coupon to avail Taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday deal at Del Taco.The discount price will be applied automatically.

Can I order Taco Tuesday tacos for takeout or delivery?

It is possible to purchase Taco Tuesday tacos for takeout or delivery.Visit the neighborhood Del Taco for information on their delivery and takeaway services.

Are the Taco Tuesday prices available for delivery orders?

Delivery companies may have their own rates therefore your Taco Tuesday prices could differ on delivery requests. Check with your preferred delivery provider to obtain the most precise cost.

Can I order Taco Tuesday tacos for a large group?

You’re able to typically make a reservation for Taco Tuesday tacos for a large number of People, however it is recommended to call the local Del Taco in advance to make sure they are able to meet your needs.

Can I order Taco Tuesday tacos with a delivery app?

Delivery apps typically offer Del Taco’s menu, which includes Taco Tuesday tacos. Make sure to check your preferred delivery application to find out if they can deliver directly from Del Taco.

Can I pay with cash for the Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal?

Yes You can pay to purchase this deal Del Taco Taco Tuesday deal using cash as well as any other acceptable payment option at the local Del Taco.

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Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals, Specials, Days and Hours 2024 (3)

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Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals, Specials, Days and Hours 2024 (2024)
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