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Sirius Black x reader XX

Sirius Black x reader

A/N: Wifi bad = no gif. Also I thought of this one randomly. It’s short but I like it.


Maybe being different people with similar problems was a great idea. Maybe it wasn’t a problem at all that two people from two different surroundings were together lying under the clouds and listening to the lake’s surface gently hit the boulders underneath.

Maybe... that was everything you ever wanted for.

“Letter?” you asked after plopping yourself next to him and leting your arms and legs spread up and down your body.

“Howler.” he said not bothering to open his eyes.

“Penny?” you asked and he shook his head.

“Not yet.”

“Alright.” you closed your eyes as well and reached your hand to his, interlacing your fingers with his.

He squeezed your hand gently and the two of you just laid there for a while. It wasn’t only a while- it was a long hour and a half but you didn’t bother to push or talk in any sort of way to make him open up. You simply wandered into your head, feeling the sun but also the cold breeze early spring brought with her.

You knew what it was like. You and Sirius might have been from two different worlds but besides that both of you had problems that carried a heavy burdon.

You could feel your hand being moved, the back of it being kissed with a soft, moist lips. You opened your eyes but he was already at your smile, grinning. “How about that pentAcLE?” he joked, clearly trying to lighten up the mood before making it go away again.

You smiled brightly at him, letting one of your hand up to his cheek and into his dense hair meanwhile the other reached into your pocket and brought out a bronze penny.

He grabbed it from your hands, jumped over you and rolled you on him as if you were that light. You giggled as he did, finding yourself right on top of him and observing him observing his penny.

“I like this Muggle thing.” he put the penny down and let his his hands wrap around you.

“The “Penny for your thoughts?” Muggle thing?” you quirked an eyebrow, your hands brushing his front hair to the sides of his head. Your fingers tapped the side of his head and gently started messaging his earlobes until they reached the hoop earing below.

“Are you having some other Muggle thing in mind?” he quirked an eyebrow and slowly starting to move his hands up and down your back.

“I do but not until I get your thoughts from my penny.” you let go and could see the disappointed simper reach his eyes.

He let his hands go behind his head with his elbows pointing out. “Well my current thoughts were not so quite innocent but if you want them to know so badly I can just sh-” you punched his chest, sitting up and placing yourself next to his hip.

“You know that’s not what I meant.” you smiled, moved yourself behind his legs, hugged his knees and let your chin rest on top.

He smiled at the view. It was genuenly something that made butterflies errupt in his stomach. No matter the situation.

“It was the usual crap... you know?” he started, twisting the penny between his fingers. “Blood-traitor, unintelligent pig, worthless rubbish, stain on the family tree...” he let the penny drop, looking at the bronze between the grass before looking up at you. “I hear it all the time... Thought I’d get used to it by now but-” he cut himself to swallow the lump that kept climbing up his throat.

“But it still hurts.” you finished for him, crawling into his arms and hugging him tightly.

“Yeah.” he said, wrapping his arms around you as his eyes wandered up the clouds. “It still hurts.” you could hear him sniff and you tightened your arms around him immediately. He let out a laugh. “You know... somehow I hate ignoring it but at the same time I hate hearing it as well. How stupid can I be?”

“We are all stupid when it comes to family.”

“Family? I don’t have one.”

“You have James. Isn’t he your family?”

“Yeah... I guess but it’s still different.”

“I know.” you said. “You wanted to get out but when you did you still wanted to get in.”

“And you didn’t.”

“I’m not like you.”


“Brave.” you corrected him, lifting your head and cupping his. “It took me years to even stand up to him, let alone leave-”

“But you want to, don’t you?”

“I do and when I do I want to make sure I will never look back.”

He smiled, cupping your own cheeks. “So you will look ahead?”

“Only ahead.”

“And me?”

“And you? Well, you will be by my side... walking ahead with me.” you smiled back and he let out a laugh, tears dripping from his eyes as he kissed your lips and pulled you close.

“Only ahead then.”

#maruaders x reader | futurewriter2000 (2024)
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