Muah Meaning: Definition, Uses & Ways to Reply (+ Examples) (2024)

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An overview of Muah, including its most common meanings and how to incorporate it into your texting vocabulary

Co-authored byGlenn Carreau

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  • What does Muah mean in texting?
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  • How to Use Muah
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  • How to Reply to Muah
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Are you seeing “Muah” pop up on your text messages with friends and loved ones and feeling a little confused over what it means? You’re not alone! To help you out, we’ve prepared a simple guide to Muah and what it means in the world of texting slang and social media messages. Keep reading to learn every possible use for Muah, plus several handy text examples to get you started.

Things You Should Know

  • Muah represents a kiss. It’s based on the sound that people usually make when they kiss someone else.
  • Use Muah to send someone kisses, show affection, or give them credit for something. You can even use it to say “Hello” and “Goodbye.”
  • When someone uses Muah in a text, reciprocate the gesture with a virtual hug or kiss. Alternatively, thank them for their praise and good vibes.
  • Sometimes Muah represents an evil laugh (as in, “Muah ha ha!”) Use it to make a joke, tease someone, or be a little cheeky over text.

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What does Muah mean in texting?

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  1. 1

    “Muah” is the slang term for a kiss. The way it’s written, Muah imitates the actual sound you might make while kissing someone, which is why it has that meaning. It also references the sounds two people might make while kissing one another on the cheek in greeting; typically, their lips won’t actually touch each other’s skin, so they make “Muah” sounds instead.[1]

    • “I wish I could do more than send a virtual kiss right now! Muah!”
    • “Hey, girl! Muah! How’s it going?”
  2. 2

    “Muah” can sometimes represent the beginning of an evil laugh. Remember how all those cartoon villains used to make a sound like “Muah ha ha” when they laughed in delight after (almost) foiling the hero’s plans? Nowadays, people pretend to laugh evilly over text using “Muah ha ha” or simply “Muah,” usually because they’re teasing or making a joke.[2]

    • Person 1: “Omg, that prank of yours scared me!!”
    • Person 2: “Muah ha ha! All according to plan. 😈”
    • This version of Muah is less common than the main “kiss” definition, and context clues from the rest of the message can usually tell you which version is being used.
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How to Use Muah

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  1. 1

    Send someone kisses through text messages using Muah. When you love someone—whether it’s a close friend, partner, or family member—Muah is a great way to show it. Because kisses have many contexts and meanings, from friendly cheek kisses to romantic lip-locking, Muah isn’t strictly platonic or romantic; use it to send kisses to anyone you care about.[3]

    • “Sending you love and good vibes today, bestie! Muah!”
    • “I’ve been thinking of you all the time today, my love. Muah! 💋💋”
  2. 2

    Use Muah to congratulate someone when they have good news. When someone texts you with news that they got a promotion at work or accepted into their dream college, it’s natural to congratulate them. Pair Muah with your congratulatory message to send them an affectionate kiss and show them how happy you are for their success.

    • “Congratulations on the engagement! I’m so happy for you and Cathy. Muah! 🥰”
    • “Congrats on scoring that raise at work! You really earned it. Muah!”
  3. 3

    Thank someone or give them credit for something with Muah. Think of Muah like a chef’s kiss. When something is truly excellent, it’s common to pantomime holding your fingers to your lips and making a kissing gesture. You can replicate this gesture in text messages by writing “Muah” after you praise someone or give them credit.

    • “You’re such a great cook—that breakfast was perfect! Muah!”
    • “I can’t believe you finished that painting so fast, and it looked so amazing! Muah!”
  4. 4

    Say hello or goodbye quickly using Muah. Cheek kisses are a common greeting and farewell gesture in real life (particularly between women, although anyone can use them). Thus, you can send Muah in your text to convey that you’re giving your texting buddy a friendly hello or an affectionate goodbye.

    • “Hey there! Muah, muah! 😘 What are you up to today?”
    • “Talk to you later, okay? Muah!”
  5. 5

    Use Muah to pretend to laugh evilly at someone. Text “Muah!” or “Muah ha ha!” (which represents a full laugh) when you’re being a little cheeky or teasing someone. In this context, you can use a “supervillain laugh” when referencing a plan you made, a prank, or to make light of something that a friend is complaining about.

    • Person 1: “Can’t believe I have to work overtime this weekend. How did you get out of it?!”
    • Person 2: “A magician never reveals their secrets. Muah ha ha!”
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How to Reply to Muah

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  1. 1

    Give them a virtual hug or kiss in return. If someone sends you a kiss over text (and you care for them as much as they do you), why not return the gesture? There are many ways to replicate a kiss in a text or online message; you could say Muah back, send a kiss emoji or GIF, or write longhand that you’re sending hugs and kisses.[4]

    • “XOXOXO! I love you too!”
    • “😘💋🥰”
  2. 2

    Reciprocate the affection after getting Muah in response to good news. When you get a congratulatory message after something great happens, the polite thing to do is say thanks. After that, you can gush about the good news all you like and celebrate how happy you are with your friend or loved one.

    • Person 1: “You got into your dream college? Omg, congrats! Muah!”
    • Person 2: “Thank you!! I’m honestly so excited for the fall. 😁”
  3. 3

    Show appreciation when someone praises you using Muah. After all, it’s only natural to be flattered when someone sends you a sweet “Job well done!” message. Be sure to express how happy you are that they’re recognizing and appreciating your efforts, and say thank you for the compliment.

    • Person 1: “You make the best french toast of anyone I know. It’s perfect! Muah!”
    • Person 2: “I’m glad to hear it! Happy to make it again this weekend! 😘”
  4. 4

    Respond with your own hello (or goodbye). After a friendly greeting or farewell message, the easiest way to react is to return the sentiment. You could put your own spin on the greeting or use Muah in your message as well. Either way, your texting buddy will get the message!

    • Person 1: “Bye for now! Muah!”
    • Person 2: “See you tomorrow! Can’t wait. ❤️”
  5. 5

    Laugh along with them when someone texts you, “Muah ha ha!” When you get a teasing text that reads like a supervillain laugh, you can safely assume the other person is making a joke (and not seriously laughing at you). The best way to respond is simply to laugh back! Feel free to play along with the joke and tease them in return.

    • Person 1: “I’m exhausted after last night. How are you so chipper?”
    • Person 2: “Because I’ve trained myself to be immune to sleepiness! Muah ha ha!”
    • Person 1: “LOL. One day I’m gonna find your kryptonite, mark my words! 🤣”
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Alternate Versions

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  1. Sometimes “Muah” is spelled as “Mwah” instead. There are multiple ways to spell out the sound that lips make when they make a kissing noise, and the other most popular (outside of Muah) is “Mwah.” If someone uses that version of the slang, you can interpret it the same way you’d interpret a message with Muah in it.[5]

    • “I’ll text you later, bestie! Mwah!”
    • “Sending you sooo many kisses and hugs! Mwah! 💋😘”

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