Reborn in the Era of Heroes - Chapter 39 - GreenSpectre - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)

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Tanjiro couldn’t believe it. His sister was here. She was awake and okay, she died after he did, but it felt like he’d just gotten her back from being a demon all over again. How this was even possible was a shock in the first place…unless she was like Tanjiro-. Izuku. He shouldn’t lose himself in the Tanjiro mindset. He’s still Izuku, even if this is his sister from when he was Tanjiro.

“How?” Nezuk-Kendo teared up. “This seems…”

“Impossible?” Izuku finished off her sentence. “Yeah. It’s been crazy for me.” He chuckled. “Yushiro knows about me and there are more of us.” He said quietly.

“M-More? Like who?” Kendo looked at him pleading for answers.

“I um. Well-” Izuku wanted to continue, but a loud announcement cut him off.

“You have five minutes left to create your team!” Midnight said. They don't have much time!

“Crap!” Izuku shook his head. “I-I’ll have to tell you at lunch. I promise, Nez-Kendo. I’m sure you need to be busy planning and I still need to get a team together!”

Kendo chuckled as she wiped away tears from her cheeks. “I’ll count on it, Midoriya.”

It tore his heart apart to leave his sister again, but this was also important. The people of this time need to know that no one is ‘weak’. That those without a genetic power aren’t powerless or useless. Akatani was already proving that with his inventions and Izuku was gonna keep proving that using the strength his friends, family and the Demon Slayers instilled in him.

He ran over to Akatani. He seemed to be conversing with Uraraka which could be a good sign. “Hi! Sorry, Kendo said that 1-B already had pre planned teams. Are you joining us, Uraraka?”

“Yeah! No one else really had a role for me, I can be a good horse member to make us lighter. Not all the time or else I’ll get dizzy and….” Uraraka cut herself off. “I’ll make sure we get through this!”

“Any ideas on another person?” Akatani looked at Izuku with desperation. He needed one more person to feel secure.

“I think…” Izuku looked around to see a certain classmate of his on their own. He must not be on a team, right? “Lemme check if he’s free.”

“Alright. I’ll quickly get our gear!” Akatani rushed off. They’re really cutting it close.

Meanwhile, Izuku made his way quickly to the one person they’d ideally need right now. “Tokoyami.”

“Midoriya.” Tokoyami hummed. “I suppose you’re here to ask me to join your team?”

“I am.” Izuku nodded.

“Good, because I hadn’t found one yet. However, what would I be doing?” Tokoyami asked.

“You’d be our front guard. Considering what I’ve seen about your Quirk, you could act as our shield while I’ll be the sword. Literally.” Izuku smiled. “Akatani is giving me a sword for the event.”

“Revelry in the darkness.” Tokoyami smiled. “I’ll join your team, but I’ll need to know what I’m working with.” He’d bite the bullet for this one, Tokoyami deserved to know because he could at least back out with the information.

“Uraraka and two Quirkless people.” Izuku said, waiting for the decisive response.

“Wait. You’re also…” Tokoyami baulked at the idea. “But you?” He couldn’t understand, which was fair enough.

“All of my power is pure physical strength and strength and stamina enhancing techniques combined.” Izuku grinned. “Who needs a Quirk when I can fight anyway.”

“Right. I’m unsure how that works, but I’ll accept it. Considering you said you would be using a sword, I assume you’re going to be the rider?”

Izuku nodded. “Yes. Also, please don’t tell anyone about my Quirk status.”

“I will not divulge private information.” Tokoyami confirmed.

“Thank you.” Izuku smiled. “Now. Let’s head over to our teammates.”

“Yes, let’s.”


Their team wouldn’t be the strongest Quirk wise. Kacchan’s team, having the combination of himself, Ashido, Kirishima and Sero, was possibly a winner. Kirishima’s hardening would stop him getting hurt from Kacchan’s explosions while Ashido could hold for defence and Sero could keep them secure with tape. Though the target on their backs was going to hinder them. Shoto’s team was also strong. Iida being the front runner with Yaoyorozu and Denki on the sides was…it was a scary horse and the rider, Shoto himself, was going to be a pain to counter too.

“We’ve got this.” Izuku breathed out, his nerves were writhing under his skin. The advantages they had were small, but they had to make this work.

“Of course we have. Regardless of strength or Quirk, we can’t let them beat us down.” Akatani grinned. His gear had been moved about. Uraraka had his jet boots, because she can make everyone else but herself float without much backlash. Uraraka also had the left energy gauntlet while Akatani kept the right one. Though the power output had been adjusted to not kill people.

Izuku had a belt that held his sword and a new pair of stun batons as well as gloves on his hand that were going to act like specified magnets. He said it was a sword over batons before, but being smart and having multiple things is what’s necessary. Clipped onto his sword’s hilt was the opposing magnet, meaning it would fly back into his hand in the correct orientation. Though that bit applied more to his real sword, not the prop one he was obligated to use right now. His batons had magnets too.

“Are you all ready? Because if not you need to be!” Present Mic said with excitement. “It’s time for the countdown!”

“Three.” Izuku watched the predatory gazes of the teams turn to Kacchan. They had their eyes on the prize.

“Two.” Some of the teams, notably 1-B students, were also sizing up other teams. They weren’t going to just gun for Kacchan.

“One!” Everyone was itching to go, but as he thought, the teams weren’t just focusing on Kacchan. They were ready to turn and move towards the teams composed of Izuku’s classmates.

“Beeeegiiiiin!” It was chaos. Fortunately, because of the point advantage Izuku and Akatani gave them, they had an extra option than just attacking.

“Okay. We run around and stalk the competition from the outskirts. It’s best we keep our points and then gain a band or two from the other moderately scoring teams.” Izuku said. “It’ll also help us figure out the battle plans of other teams.”

The group shifted towards the edge of the arena. Izuku caught a couple teams keeping themselves back from the teams headed by Kacchan and Shoto. They were gonna be picking off the outliers. There was a team of three that seemed to be keeping a flank around the other 1-B members.

“We should go for the team of three over. The one with the manga headed kid.” That was a weird sentence to say, but Quirks were weird as hell.

Izuku grasped onto his sword hilt and readied himself to use it. He needed to be careful for whatever these students could bring out. “Bondo, to our left!” The rider on the team shouted. They’d been spotted. White fluid came out of holes on the kid’s face. Izuku assumed those were just eyes!

Izuku refocused on the task at hand. He needed to clear that liquid before it hit them. It was a hindrance at best, dangerous at worst. He couldn’t use a move requiring proper movement and momentum, but this one would have to do. He’d have to use all of the power he could to even move the air with his attack. He remembered the air force some attacks could generate under the right conditions, so hopefully…“Water Breathing: Drop Ripple Thrust.”

The attack landed and the substance was splattered and the direction of its destination reversed. It landed all over the other team instead, more importantly their feet, giving them perfect timing for an attack. Izuku’s left hand attached itself to the girl’s headband and yanked it off of her. Meanwhile, they couldn’t move much to retaliate against Izuku’s team.

“How you are-as you are, -” Tokoyami chose his words carefully so as to not expose Izuku. “-I do not know. That ability being possible bewilders me. Yet it is greatly accepted right now.”

Izuku was glad that Tokoyami wasn’t too messed around by these facts. “Thanks. Though we will need another high scoring band to be a little more secure.”

A blonde kid was harassing Kacchan currently with…explosions? A similar Quirk maybe-now he was using Kirishima’s Quirk. A copy Quirk then. “We should take the headband off the team going against Kacchan. They’re open.”

“Wouldn’t that help Bakugo?” Uraraka asked.

“Of course it would, but I wanna get into the finals with him.” Izuku chuckled. “Plus, I’d rather not have his aggressive determination on me in the middle of the game. He’d chase us down until we’re finished.”

“I’d rather not mess with him too.” Akatani commented. “That’s too intense of a task to take on when we wanna get top four.”

“So we go for the copycat. Understood.” Tokoyami confirmed before they started moving towards the team.

They were in a decent range and every other team was distracted by their own battles. “Akatani. Use your gauntlet to disorient them. They’re still using Kirishima’s Quirk.”

“On it.” A static sound reached Izuku’s ears before a small blast smacked itself onto the copycat’s back.

“What the hell?!” The kid arched his back like it hurt.

“Dammit Nerd! This is my fight!” Kacchan shouted.

“But we’re collecting points!” Izuku grinned as he held his sword firmly.

“Tsuburaba!” The unknown blonde shouted. One of the kids carrying him, a light brown haired boy, turned towards them and puckered his lips. That has to be something to do with the boy’s Quirk then.

“Keep going forward! Sun Breathing: Sunflower Thrust!” Izuku forced forwards with all of his might. This would be stronger if he was running, but it should do for now. The tip of the sword came in contact with an invisible barrier. An air barrier maybe? It didn’t currently matter as the barrier was flimsy under the pressure of his attack. The solid air(?) shattered and left them open while he was catching his breath. “Dark Shadow!”

“On it!” Dark Shadow emerged from Tokoyami and reached for the headband. The blonde kid reactively swapped Quirk, it was obvious when Kirishima’s Quirk dropped. Explosions went out and caused Dark Shadow to shrink away, but in that time, Izuku was free to pounce. He sheathed his sword and jumped off of his team and got on the enemy. He pulled out his batons and slammed them into the copycat and solid air kid, stunning them before snatching the headband and jumping away with enough power to reach his team, who were also slowing down to catch him.

“Is that even allowed?!” Someone shouted about Izuku’s movements.

“It’s down in the rules as a technicality that he hasn’t touched the floor that it’s allowed!” Midnight clarified. Izuku thought as much since all that was said before was that if the rider touches the floor they’re out.

“We have three headbands now. I think we should be fine to sit back again.” Izuku said as they all started to scarper away.

The problem was that a couple teams were now gunning for them. An explosion of electricity came from the opposite end of the arena and with it came a sheet of ice. Shoto committed to a good plan then. He’d take all of the headbands from those guys, which would secure Izuku’s team’s place even further.

The purple haired boy who declared war on them was coming toward them. Though he was also keeping his distance. Wait. He had Ojiro and 1-B’s Shoda helping him. As well as Aoyama. Except their expressions looked blank. “Ojiro? Aoyama?” No answer came.

“They got stuck with me, hero kid.” Purple said. “No team wanted them.”

That wasn’t true though. They’d formed early, since Izuku took note of who in his class already seemed to be pairing up with others. This kid was baiting him verbally with a lie. So he probably has a mental Quirk that requires a verbal response. Noises might count too as long as they’re a response. Izuku would direct his speech to his team instead. “Don’t talk or respond to him guys.” he looked the boy dead in the eyes. “He could be doing this to activate his Quirk.”

The kid’s face contorted into shock and then an angry snarl. “Well done on being the first one to figure that out, hero course kid.” The venom was thickly laced in his voice. “So what are you gonna do now?”

‘I’ll give him a chance to pass. He has a few headbands after all and the scores on the board still show ours in the lead.’ Izuku thought before turning his attention to his team. “Retreat and move away. I don’t know if we should get caught up here. Uraraka, use your Quirk on us and then we’ll move out to get close to where Shoto and Kacchan are currently at!”

“Todoroki closed the area off with ice. We’d have to go over.” Akatani said bitterly as Shoto’s ice covered the place over. “It’s not gonna happen with the boots right now. I toned them down so we’d hover instead of fly.”

“Trust me and keep going for it.” Izuku said.

“One minute left!” Present Mic announced.

“It’s now or never.” Tokoyami confirmed as he pulled the team towards the wall. Every other enemy was essentially finished so now was their time.

“I’ll jump ahead, you’ll have to rush to catch me again!” Izuku made sure the plan was set.

“We’ve got you!” Uraraka nodded seriously.

“Okay.” Izuku took a deep breath, unsheathing his sword and jumping for the wall. “Sun Breathing: Raging Sun.” The sword slammed through the ice with force. Still not enough force as Izuku would like, but it was enough to cause the ice to crack apart and crash down.

“Midoriya!” Dark Shadow caught Izuku and placed him back into the middle of the team.

“Thank you!” Izuku grinned. “Now let’s get them!”

“Right!” The trio below him knew it was possible now. One last push!

“Fifteen seconds to go and with a shock entrance from Team Midoriya anything could happen!” Present Mic announced. Fortunately it’s not like they had the element of surprise since he did just smash through a wall of ice.

Izuku ignored the looks of surprise or determination from everyone but Kacchan. Kacchan’s face was turning into a massive grin. “Bring it on, Nerd.”

Except it seemed like Shoto had the most point bands right now and going for Kacchan’s headband was a total gamble since the numbers were out of sight. That said, there’d definitely be more explosions and aggression if Shoto had taken the ten million points from Kacchan.

“Shoto’s closer and has more bands. It’s better to take some from him.” Izuku said with finality. “Charge!”

A flurry of cold overtook the arena as soon as they got close. A tornado of ice surrounded Shoto, a solid column of ice stood in place between his team and the others. That was it then. Izuku didn’t have the momentum or time to break that and try to get another headband.

“And that’s time!” Everything came to a standstill. Though the tower of ice was slowly melting away with that announcement. “Let’s see who ended up in our top four!”

Izuku counted up their points. With him getting two hundred and five points for second and the rest of his teammates getting decent placements, they had six hundred and ninety points. Adding on the three hundred and five and one hundred and sixty five the other teams had…one thousand one hundred and sixty points. That had to have been at least fourth!

“In first place, managing to keep the ten million points the whole game, is Team Bakugo!” That much was obvious.

“In second place, Team Todoroki!” Again, with the amount of headbands stolen from the frozen teams, not surprising.

“In third place, Team Midoriya!” Relief spread through everyone’s bones.

“We made it!” Izuku cheered.

“Thank god.” Akatani fell to the ground to sit and process everything. “Who would have thought it, huh? Out of everyone, people who are supposed to be ‘weak’ are gonna be in fights against the best of the best.

“I’m still in disbelief, but it’s well earned, Akatani, Midoriya.” Tokoyami nodded.

“And in fourth, we have Team Tetsu-wait…no! Team Shinso?!” Izuku looked around to see Purple Haired kid grinning. He must be Shinso then, but Aoyama, Ojiro and Shoda all seemed disoriented now that the game is over. Definitely charmed/brainwashed. Shinso’s Quirk is powerful and cool, but it’s dangerous for what they have to do.

“Akatani, Uraraka, Tokoyami. I know he wants to prove his worth, but it’s only fair that because you worked with me, I have to give you advice. I know I said it in the battle, but if any of us are against Shinso, we cannot reply or make noises to him under any circ*mstances. Looking at how Shinso’s teammates were after the game, it seems like brainwashing without memory recall. They were so disoriented.” Izuku said seriously.

Uraraka shook her head. “You didn’t need to try and be equal with us just because we worked with you, silly. We’re your classmates and friends!”

“Again. Quirkless people don’t always get the luxury of good classmates and friends.” Akatani huffed.

Uraraka turned to Izuku. “Wait. What?”

“Oh.” Izuku facepalmed. “I assumed you had told her Akatani, but I never gave you the go ahead to do that. Yeah. I’m Quirkless too.”

“No way! You have to be lying!” Uraraka exclaimed way too loudly.

“Sssshhhhh!” Izuku hissed. “I want people to find out in the tournament, but I had meant to tell you before you agreed to team up so you could weigh out your options.”

Uraraka nodded. “That makes sense. Sorry! I’d have made the same decision though. I don’t care about Quirks…or the lack of one.”

“Goddammit Nerd!” Kacchan shouted as he stomped up to them. “You interrupted us before IcyHot could use his damn fire.”

Shoto also turned up. “Although that may have been because I panicked and tried to use my fire. It was against my pledge to myself…” He looked back to the ground.

“Hey. Ignore him. He doesn’t deserve your attention anymore, nor does your actions mean anything to him.” Izuku was referring to Endeavor. He could see the man looking at Shoto. Damn that bastard.

“You’re right.” Shoto sighed. “I just hate the glaring reminder that he’s here.”


“Alright everyone! We’ll get to our afternoon section after a one hour lunch break! You coming for lunch, Eraserhead?” Present Mic said as he was closing the chatter down.

“Nah. I’m gonna nap.” Aizawa replied. Izuku chuckled a little at the joking chats between the pair.

“Wha-?!” The mic cut off after that.

“Nerd. You coming?” Kacchan asked.

“Uh…I have to talk to Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei before I forget. Save me something? Oh and take care of Denki!” He also had to talk to Nezuko, but there wasn’t a point in disclosing that yet.

“I’m going to go that direction too. I want to get to Toya before he also goes for lunch.” Shoto said.

“Alright. Shoto’s coming with me. See you all later!” Izuku said, leaving while Shoto stayed by his side.

“Midoriya…I-” Shoto started, but stopped himself.

“You…what?” Izuku asked softly. He needed Shoto to feel safe enough to talk.

“I did want to use my fire, but then I couldn’t and then I remembered that I said I wouldn’t use the fire I inherited from him. I panicked in both directions…but I think I want to use it. I don’t know how to. I’m too indecisive on this.” Shoto sighed.

“Well. There is no linear way of approaching your problems and fixing them. There’s no linear way to heal either. Just do what feels right.” Izuku smiled as they went through some corridors.

“Midoriya?” Aizawa-sensei was there with Yamada-sensei.

“Aizawa-sensei!” Izuku smiled. “Glad I caught you before you were caught up in a lunchroom or something.”

“Get to the point, Midoriya, or none of us will get lunch.” Aizawa-sensei had a point.

“Um well. Two things…” Izuku chuckled awkwardly.

“I found my sister’s reincarnation-she’s Kendo from 1-B, by the way.” Izuku’s lips twitched into a smile.

“I see…do you need us to organise something so that you don’t meet in your Class Rep meetings or-”

Izuku shook his head. “She’s awake for some reason.”

“I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but we’ll have to organise a talk with her.” Aizawa-sensei sighed. “And the second thing?”

“The next events 1v1s right?” Izuku asked, but didn’t get a response. “Well…if they are 1v1s, I need my Quirk status announced and I think Mic-sensei’s dramatics would make it great.”

Aizawa-sensei groaned, but Yamada-sensei seemed enthusiastic about it. That’s one talk down. One more talk to go.

Reborn in the Era of Heroes - Chapter 39 - GreenSpectre - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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