The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (2024)

The 20 best gluten free Thanksgiving recipes I know are right here. Everything from mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and spoon bread to cranberry bread, biscuits, rolls, and Dutch apple pie. No time to waste, so let's get started!

The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (1)

The best gluten free Thanksgiving recipes

The 20 recipes below are the best gf Thanksgiving recipes I know. These are the classic recipes I plan to make for my family on the Big Day. These are the recipes thatmy family asks for as soon as November rolls around, just to make sure all is right in the world. And I'd like nothing more than to share them with you.

Gluten free recipes for Thanksgiving breakfast

I know you have a long day of cooking ahead of you, but it's important to start the day right!

Gluten free pancakes

Start your Thanksgiving morning with my fluffy gluten-free pancakes. This easy mix, perfect for family gatherings, offers a warm and delightful breakfast option. Make the pancakes ahead of time, freeze, and toast in the morning for a hassle-free holiday breakfast.

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Gluten free breakfast casserole

Start your Thanksgiving morning with a hearty and satisfying gluten-free breakfast casserole. Packed with meat, cheese, eggs, and hash browns, this dish is easy, versatile, and customizable. Prepare it the night before and simply bake it the next morning for a stress-free, delicious start to your holiday.

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Gluten free coffee cake muffins

Make your holiday morning special by making these yummy coffee cake muffins the night before, and you'll be able to jump right into breakfast come Thanksgiving morning.

With a tender vanilla crumb and a nubby crumble baked right into the batter, these muffins hold up well for a couple of days, so don't hesitate to make a few more for later.

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Gluten free muesli

The perfect breakfast for when you're short on time, muesli can be made well in advance and eaten cold with some milk, warmed up, or thrown on top of yogurt.

Spend just 30 minutes on the weekend, and you'll have a delightful breakfast for the whole week. Customize it with your favorite nuts and fruits, and enjoy a Swiss-style breakfast that's perfect for any time of year.

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Gluten free banana bread

Indulge in the comfort of a thick slice of gluten-free banana bread Thanksgiving morning this year. My recipe produces a moist and tender loaf, bursting with banana flavor. With just one bowl and 10 minutes of prep, this delightful treat is a great choice for your holiday breakfast.

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Gluten free Thanksgiving dinner essentials

Whether you're making turkey, ham, or something else, these are the must-have Thanksgiving essentials you can't live without — all done gluten free!

Gluten free gravy

Make this gluten free gravywith some roasted dark meat turkey parts or after you make the real deal turkey on the big day. I usually wait until the day-of, but there's a make-ahead option for this quick and easy gravy, if you're aiming for a stress-free holiday.

Made with pan drippings and infused with rich, fragrant holiday herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme, this gravy takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Perfect for drizzling over mashed potatoes or using as a base for soups, it's a versatile addition to your festive meal.

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Gluten free green bean casserole

Easy homemade cream of mushroom soup is the secret to the perfect gluten free green bean casserole. Make your Thanksgiving table better thanever this year with crisp-tender green beans, cream of mushroom soup and homemade crispy onions.

Made from scratch with fresh green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and crispy fried onions, this perfect side dish brings comfort and flavor to your holiday table. No canned soup needed!

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Gluten free cornbread stuffing

Transform your gluten-free cornbread into a savory stuffing that's sure to be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving sides. With the best herbs, aromatics, and spices of the season, this cornbread stuffing is not only delicious but also easy to prepare.

Make the cornbread days ahead to save time on the holidy, wrap it tightly and stash it in the refrigerator. Cook down the celery and onions, and put them in a sealed container and refrigerate. Then, put it all together on the big day!

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Traditional gluten free stuffing

Savor the essence of Thanksgiving with this delightful gluten-free stuffing. Crafted with toasted gluten-free bread, onions, celery, herbs, and chicken stock, this stuffing is never soggy and packed with intense flavor. Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, this side dish is sure to be a hit at your holiday table, offering a taste that outshines any store-bought mix.

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Gluten free sweet potato casserole

So light, fluffy, and delicious, my sweet potato casserole makes appearances at my kitchen table all year round. With a light and fluffy sweet potato puree custard-style filling and a gorgeous sweet crumble topping, this dish is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Roasting the sweet potatoes intensifies their natural sweetness, creating a complex flavor that pairs perfectly with the toasted, crunchy topping.Your guests are going to go crazy for the crunchy topping!

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Gluten free Thanksgiving sides

Here are a few more gluten free sides for Thanksgiving to satisfy anyone's tastes.

Gluten free creamed corn

Easy homemade creamed cornstarts with the simplest gluten free roux (just a liquid thickener made of fat and basic flour). Then we add milk, salt, pepper and sugar and finally, of course, plenty of corn kernels. Just be sure to use frozen, and not canned, corn. It's still inexpensive, but it's just like fresh!

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Gluten free mac and cheese

I know mashed potatoes are one of the most popular gluten free Thanksgiving side dishes, but when I'm serving a crowd, I like to include a few other options. This year, let your guests dive into a creamy, custard-style gluten-free macaroni and cheese.

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Gluten free cream of mushroom soup

Canned soup can be really convenient, but it can also be dangerous because you never know where gluten may be hiding. If you have the time, consider making your own: You'll know exactly what's inside it, and it tastes better!

The rich and creamy flavors make it perfect for enhancing your Thanksgiving dinner. It's packed with umami flavor and can be used in casseroles or served as a sumptuous side. With simple ingredients and a velvety texture, it's a delightful alternative to canned soups, adding a touch of elegance to your festive feast.

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Gluten free rice a roni

I make this copycat Rice-A-Roni recipe all the time, but I think it would make a lovely Thanksgiving gluten free side dish too. A huge plus? It's ready for the dinner table in as little as 20 minutes.

With a blend of nutritional yeast, dried onion flakes, garlic powder, and other spices, this dish is a perfect side or main course for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a quick, easy satisfying side that can be customized with chicken or veggies.

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Gluten free asparagus tart

Want more veggies on your Thanksgiving gluten free menu? This asparagus tart recipe is easy to put together and looks super sophisticated.

Elevate your Thanksgiving dinner with this elegant gluten-free asparagus tart. Made of gluten free puff pastry topped with Gruyere cheese and fresh asparagus and simple to prepare yet impressively sophisticated, it's a delicious way to bring a touch of gourmet touch to your holiday feast.

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Gluten free Thanksgiving breads

If you haven't had bread in a while, I bring to you several of the best gluten free Thanksgiving sides. I've got traditional breads as well as some more special ones — all gluten free for the big day.

Gluten free cranberry bread

Thisholiday gluten free cranberry bread quickbread recipe has quickly become one of the most beloved here on the blog. It's easy to make using ordinary pantry ingredients, and it has the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Studded with tart cranberries and just sweet enough, this quick bread is a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Light, fluffy, soft, and moist, it's a festive treat that brings the cranberry's unique flavor to your table.

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Gluten free drop biscuits

These easy 20-minute gluten-free drop biscuits are tender, fluffy, and perfect for your Thanksgiving table. With no rolling or shaping involved, you can whip up these delightful sides in a snap. Serve them warm, and watch them disappear from the table.

They may not be flaky and layered, but you can’t beat the taste or the convenience. Especially on a big holiday, these are your go-to biscuits. At least they're my go-to biscuits!

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Gluten free sweet corn spoonbread

This incredibly moisteasy gluten free sweet corn spoon breadhas just the right balance of creamy and fluffy, with only the slightest crust on the edges. The gluten free Jiffy-style corn muffin mixcan be made ages ahead of time and stored in the pantry.

Packed with bright kernels of yellow corn, this gluten-free dish is perfect for the holiday season or any festive gathering. With make-ahead options and a delightful balance of textures, it's a side dish that will surely become a family favorite.

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Gluten free dinner rolls

Even though everyone is so full at Thanksgiving, there's always room for warm, fragrant, squishy roills. Bake up these gluten free dinner rolls, and you'll have the family running to the table.

These soft and squishy gf yeast rolls really are so easy to make. And if you can't have yeast, we have a yeast free dinner roll recipe, too!

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Old fashioned gluten free cornbread

If you're a fan of the classics, you won't go wrong with this old fashioned cornbread recipe. It's incredibly tender and has that perfect balance of sweet and savory. I like to make it in a cast iron pan, but you can also make individual servings using a muffin tin if you'd like.

Enjoy it with soup, BBQ, or even as a base for stuffing at your Thanksgiving feast. It's a naturally gluten-free delight that can be made dairy-free and egg-free too, ensuring everyone at the table can indulge in this comforting classic.

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Gluten free thanksgiving dessert recipes

End your gf Thanksgiving meal with a bang: Try one of these irresistible gluten free desserts!

Gluten free Dutch apple pie

Gluten free Dutch apple pieismade with a simple pie crust on the bottom, filled with over 2 pounds of thinly-sliced, tart apples and topped with a warm crumble topping. It's like the very best parts of apple pie and coffee cake got together to make your holiday perfect.

The unbeatable blend of cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg in the filling creates a pie that's a celebration of pie season. Serve a warm slice with vanilla ice cream, and let the streusel topping have its moment at your Thanksgiving extravaganza!

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Gluten free pumpkin cheesecake

With a delightful graham cracker crust and a luscious chocolate topping, this dessert makes a wonderful addition to your holiday table.

The blend of pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, chocolate, molasses, and tangy cream cheese creates a decadent treat that's sure to please.

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Gluten free pumpkin cake roll

A treat made especially for Thanksgiving, this gluten free cake roll will turn out looking like it came straight from a catalog — even for amateur bakers! I love how delicate it is, yet so full of flavor.
Moist and tender, filled with simple cream cheese, it's a delightful treat that's easy to make.

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Classic gluten free pumpkin pie

Another classic seasonal dessert turned gluten free is this classic, delicious pumpkin pie. Smooth, creamy, and rich, it's a must-have dessert for Fall, not just Thanksgiving.

Whether you choose pumpkin or sweet potato, the elegant custard filling and flaky crust will make this pie an essential part of your holiday feast.

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Gluten free pecan pie

There's no way I was going to end this list without including my awesome pecan pie with a gluten free pie crust. Alongside my pumpkin pie recipe, this easy-to-prepare treat is a quintessential Thanksgiving dessert.

It's the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors. There's no corn syrup, and it's got a touch of superfine white rice flour for a beautiful, classic pecan pie.Serve it with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for a truly decadent treat.

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Tips for putting together the best gluten free thanksgiving menu

Read product labels carefully to find hidden gluten

Gluten can be quite sneaky, so it's important that you carefully read product labels to be sure it isn't hiding in ingredients and foods you'd never suspect.

The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (27)

Don't be afraid to keep things simple(r)

Look, I know that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the biggest and more important meals of the year, so no matter how much you prep and plan, you're going to have a stressful moment or two.

You can minimize your stress by keeping things simple. While you may need everything on your table to be gluten free, that doesn't mean you need to search out gluten free alternatives for every dish.

Remember, there are plenty of naturally gluten free foods that you can fall back on! Need a veggie side dish? Roast your favorites with a bit of olive, salt, and pepper, and that's one side you can cross off your list — without the need to buy any special ingredients or even to follow a recipe.

Check out my FAQs below for a longer list of naturally gluten free Thanksgiving foods that don't require a ton of preparation or a specific recipe.

Prep your gluten free Thanksgiving dishes the night before

There are only so many hours in a day, so steal some time from the previous day to make sure that your gluten free Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch.

For example, many gluten free Thanksgiving dessert items can be prepared the night before. This includes all pies and cakes. You can also prep some of your gluten free Thanksgiving sides in advance by peeling and cutting veggies or making sauces.

Go for a test run before Thanksgiving

I know you'll be eager to please on Thanksgiving, but resist the temptation to try a brand-new recipe for this holiday meal.

I say all the time that if you follow my gluten free recipes exactly as written, you should have no problem — but more elaborate ones may take you longer or several re-reads before you get them right. Thanksgiving should be a time for celebration — not experimentation.

The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (28)


Is Thanksgiving turkey gluten free?

Yes, fresh, plain turkeys are completely gluten free.

Where things start to get complicated is when ingredients like broth, spices, and stuffings get added. If you're making turkey this year, the best way to keep yourself, your family, and your guests safe is to buy a plain turkey and add your own fixings.

What Thanksgiving foods are gluten free?

There are tons of gluten free Thanksgiving foods, so even if you're short on time or just cooking for a few gluten free loved ones, it's easy to put together a menu that's safe and tasty. Here are a few examples of classic Thanksgiving foods that are perfectly safe for a gluten free diet:

  • Plain turkeys, hams, and roasts with no gluten-containing breading, seasoning or stuffing
  • Mashed potatoes made with milk, butter, and salt
  • Sweet potatoes, whether baked or mashed
  • Other roasted veggies with no gluten-containing sauces or seasoning
  • Rice with no gluten-containing sauces or seasoning
  • Cranberry sauce
The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (29)

What Thanksgiving foods are not gluten free?

Unfortunately, gluten tends to hide in many other popular Thanksgiving foods, even when they may seem safe.

  • Cornbread: Traditional recipes include wheat flour alongside cornmeal
  • Gravy: Many are made using wheat flour as a thickener
  • Green bean casserole: Many canned mushroom soups contain gluten, and almost all breadcrumbs are made from wheat, except specifically gluten free bread crumbs.
  • Pies: Unless they're made with gluten free crusts and fillings, they aren't safe
  • Salad dressings and dips: You'll find gluten-containing malt vinegar and soy sauce in many of these, so read labels carefully or make your own gluten free salad dressings.
  • Stuffing: It's made of bread, so unless it's specifically labeled gluten free, it's not going to be.

Does Stove Top stuffing have gluten?

While Stove Top has many different flavors and varieties of stuffing, it doesn't have a gluten free option at this time.

Don't be heartbroken: I can't live without my stuffing either, which is why I don't just have 1 gluten free Thanksgiving stuffing recipe above, but 2!

Originally published on the blog in 2016; more recipes, images, and resources added in 2022. Happy Thanksgiving from my gluten free family to yours!

The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (30)
The 20 Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes (2024)
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