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Monster Jam is one of the most popular monster truck events in North Carolina and across the United States. Fans love the adrenaline-pumping action of watching giant trucks with names like Grave Digger, Max-D, and El Toro Loco fly high into the air and crush cars beneath their massive tires. For those looking to experience Monster Jam live in North Carolina, there are several cities that host events throughout the year.

Upcoming Monster Jam Events in North Carolina

Some of the upcoming Monster Jam events scheduled in North Carolina in 2023 include:

GreensboroGreensboro ColiseumMarch 4-5
RaleighPNC ArenaMarch 11-12
CharlotteSpectrum CenterMarch 18-19
FayettevilleCrown ComplexApril 1-2

These major metro areas consistently host Monster Jam events each year. Fans can expect high-flying stunts, head-to-head racing, donuts, and freestyle competitions when the monster trucks visit these venues.

Past Monster Jam Host Cities in North Carolina

In addition to the major cities hosting events in 2023, Monster Jam has visited several other cities and venues over the years. Looking back at previous tour stops can help fans identify other potential hosting locations near them.


Greensboro has been one of the most regular Monster Jam host cities in North Carolina. At the Greensboro Coliseum, Monster Jam often holds a two-day event, allowing fans multiple opportunities to see the shows. Greensboro attracts huge crowds, providing a great atmosphere for Monster Jam.


The capital city of Raleigh brings Monster Jam to the PNC Arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes. The large capacity venue allows more fans to experience the high-octane excitement. Raleigh is a big stop on the Monster Jam circuit.


Charlotte is one of the largest metro areas in North Carolina, making it a prime location for Monster Jam. The Spectrum Center in the heart of downtown has hosted sold-out crowds for Monster Jam events over the years. Fans love the buzzing energy of Uptown Charlotte during Monster Jam weekends.


While one of the smaller markets to host Monster Jam, Fayetteville has created some memorable events at the Crown Complex arena. Fayetteville is located in eastern North Carolina and provides families in this region with a chance to see Monster Jam locally.


Winston-Salem has intermittently been a part of the Monster Jam circuit over the years. The Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum has presented shows on several occasions. As a metro area with over half a million residents, Winston-Salem can draw excited crowds when Monster Jam comes to town.

Other Host Cities

Some other North Carolina cities that have been past Monster Jam hosts include Wilmington, Asheville, Rockingham, and Pikeville. Though they may not host frequently, when Monster Jam visits these areas the local fans come out in full force to support the adrenaline-pumping shows.

Best Cities in North Carolina for Monster Jam Fans

Based on past events and venue capacity, the top locations in North Carolina for Monster Jam fans include:


As the largest city in the state, Charlotte has the biggest venues to accommodate Monster Jam events. The Spectrum Center is located right downtown, providing easy access for fans. Large populations in the metro area and surrounding regions mean events at the Spectrum Center can draw over 20,000 fans. Charlotte’s energy makes it a prime spot for Monster Jam.


The capital of Raleigh is another major city with a metropolitan population over 1.3 million. The PNC Arena is a premier venue that can seat up to 20,000 for Monster Jam. Located in a bustling urban area, Raleigh events attract passionate North Carolina fans. The city’s central location also draws in fans from across the state.


Greensboro is one of the most consistent Monster Jam stops in North Carolina. With a metro population over 760,000, Greensboro brings in huge crowds to the Coliseum for Monster Jam. The Coliseum has over 23,000 seats, ensuring great views and loud reactions for these adrenaline-filled events. The Coliseum’s setup and seating arrangements enhance the Monster Jam experience.

Best Seats for Monster Jam in North Carolina

Choosing the right seats can make or break your Monster Jam experience. Here are some tips on finding the best seats:

On the Floor

For maximum thrills, consider getting seats right on the floor near the action. This puts you closest to the trucks flying through the air and crushing over obstacles. Be prepared to feel the power when trucks race and freestyle nearby. Floor seats are often the first to sell out.

Lower Bowl

The lower bowl sections closest to the floor offer elevated views with protection from debris. Fans in the lower bowl still feel immersed in the show and experience powerful audio from revving engines and crushing metal. Stadium seating also gives unobstructed views. Lower sideline seats can provide fun angles.

Mid-Level Seating

For more affordability while still getting great views, opt for seating in the middle sections of venues. Look for side or corner sections halfway up that offer clear sightlines to see the whole track and arena floor. Fans in these areas can fully enjoy stunts from above while avoiding the highest ticket prices.

Avoid Obstructions

Watch out for seats behind stage setups, video boards, or other obstructions at venues. Monster Jam purposely uses the whole floor for stunts and races, so unobstructed views are key. Check seat views online beforehand to identify any potential issues.

Buying Monster Jam Tickets

Here are some tips for getting your hands on sought-after Monster Jam tickets:

Buy Early

Monster Jam events often sell out well in advance. Purchase tickets early, especially for popular truck markets like Charlotte and Raleigh. This ensures you get lower bowl or floor seats before the best spots disappear.

Look for Presales

Sign up online for presale opportunities through Monster Jam or venue email lists. Presales give you early access to buy tickets, sometimes weeks ahead of the general public on-sale.

Compare Prices

Ticket prices can vary between official sources, resale sites, and individuals reselling. Search multiple sellers to get the best value on the seats you want.

Beware Fake Tickets

Unfortunately, fake tickets are an issue with popular shows like Monster Jam. Only buy from reputable ticket sellers and avoid amazing deals that seem too good to be true. Examine tickets closely for authenticity.

Monster Jam Trucks Coming to North Carolina

While truck lineups rotate from event to event, fans in North Carolina can expect to see these fan-favorite Monster Jam trucks and drivers:

Grave Digger

The legendary black and green wrecking machine Grave Digger is almost sure to appear, with multiple Grave Digger variations driven by different drivers from the Adam Anderson family. Brandon Vinson, Adam Anderson, Krysten Anderson, and new drivers ensure you’ll see Grave Digger flying high.


The bright neon trucks of Max-D always impress crowds with huge air and wild freestyles. Top drivers like Neil Elliott, Colton Eichelberger, Jared Eichelberger, Blake Granger, and Morgan Kane hop in the cab of Max-D to push the limits.

Monster Mutt

If you love canine trucks, watch for the specialized Monster Mutt breeds like Dalmatian and Rottweiler jumping off ramps driven by veterans like Candice Jolly, Tanner Root, and Steven Sims. Their dogged determination entertains fans.

El Toro Loco

This brightly colored bovine truck charges the track with daring moves. Team drivers Marc McDonald, Mark List, Chuck Werner, Armando Castro and Kayla Blood round up wild runs from El Toro Loco.


You can expect biting action from this fearsome truck modeled after the prehistoric shark. Drivers Bari Musawwir and Justin Hicks brave Megalodon’s power.

Attending Monster Jam in North Carolina

Here are some tips for fans attending Monster Jam events in North Carolina:

Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the arena and get through entrance lines. Parking also fills up fast. Leaving early prevents having to rush and missing any of the action.

Bring Hearing Protection

The giant truck engines are loud, especially indoors. Bring ear plugs or noise-reducing headphones to protect hearing without blocking out all the powerful sounds. Protecting kids’ ears is essential.

Get Merchandise Early

Monster Jam apparel like t-shirts fly off the shelves. Arrive early to shop the merchandise stands for the best selection in your size. The trucks themselves often have their own branded merch as well.

See the Pit Party

Upgrade your ticket to include the pre-show Pit Party, where you can see the massive trucks up close, meet drivers, and get autographs. Seeing the intricate truck designs and enormous tires is a highlight.

Watch the Freestyle

While racing is exciting, many fans consider freestyle their favorite part of Monster Jam. This is when drivers perform jaw-dropping stunts like backflips off ramps at high speeds without restrictions. The freestyles bring the show to an earth-shaking crescendo.


Monster Jam brings high-octane excitement to cities across North Carolina every year. Major markets like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro attract huge crowds consistently, while smaller markets pop up on the tour as well. Sellout crowds demonstrate the immense popularity of Monster Jam’s extreme truck events. Dedicated North Carolina fans love feeling the roar of the engines and the ground shake beneath monster truck stunts and racing. With events scheduled nearly every month, Monster Jam gives families and adrenaline junkies in the Tar Heel state many opportunities to experience the action live. For thrills and incredible truck stunts, Monster Jam is a can’t-miss event.

Where is Monster Jam in North Carolina? - Shop Smart Guides (2024)
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